BioShock Infinite: A Look Ahead

We're Not in Rapture Anymore.

With a release date roughly a year away, it's still not too early to get anxious about a new setting and story in the up and coming BioShock game from Irrational Games.

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rabidpancakeburglar2837d ago

Shouldn't that be, 'A Look Above'

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Kingdom Come2836d ago

Ken Levine's latest masterpiece. It's going to be nothing short of stunning. I'm eagerly awaiting the E3 Demonstration announced in his interview with GTTV.

No_Pantaloons2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Milk milk milk milk, someone needs more money, and the bioshock name will provide.

As stupid as it sounds I swear this a prequel to bioshock. If this floating city were to somehow crash into the ocean that would certainly provide a structure for building rapture. I can't ignore its set in 1910 where as bioshock is set in 1960, leaving roughly 50 years to retrofit all the tubes and underwater transports. There's just too many similarities, and the very name bioshock, I think they just don't wanna tell ppl its a prequel yet.

jimbone792836d ago

Dude what are you talking about? The last Bioshock THESE guy released was in 2007. That’s 4 years ago. The sequel was developed by someone else because the fans wanted it. I would like to hear a few games you like to see what you don't consider milked.

dgonza402836d ago

nah, i dont believe they're milking it. Irrational didnt want to make bioshock 2 if i remember correctly. now they're just exploring different avenues they want to take the bioshock franchise.
what's wrong with that?

Sports games are milked, Call of duty is milked.
Not bioshock.