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rabidpancakeburglar2837d ago

This guy needs a smack upside the head

GrieverSoul2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )


"Im boycottig SONY!!! Im bad to the bone!!!" ahahaha


George settled... so much for hacker tough boy!

lol, just lol!
"I cant talk! Im under contract not to speak!"
ahahahah Im having a blast reading his blog... ahahahaha

Acquiescence2837d ago

He sure comes across as bitter in that blog update! ^-^

I'm glad to read that he hasn't been disallowed from just hacking the PS3, but ALL Sony products.

That screams to me that Sony won this case big time.

darthv722837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

after all this was said and done...he had to even turn over his old sony walkman for fear he would hack it to play 8 tracks.

Dragun6192837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I think he's just stating he's Boycotting Sony and never buying a Sony product to send a message that the permanent injunction against him probably includes not hacking a Sony product. So his plans for jailbreaking the NGP are gone.

darthv722837d ago

if he does or does not buy another product? It isnt like they have a do not buy list like airlines have a do not fly.

I'm betting he will get an ngp at some point just to try and hack it. So long as he keeps it under wraps then sony wont find out.

Armyntt2837d ago

Sounds to me like someone got paid. I dont hear bitterness from him. Just him being quiet so he can get paid.

hay2837d ago

So he got lifetime ban on Sony hardware, loser :D

Istanbull2837d ago

Lol VICTORY for Sony and true honest gamers! Sony is the greatest company and no matter how much these 12 year old Anony mouses and delusional Geohotzes try to make us hate Sony, we will never hate a company for bringing us great games for the past 16 years!

Sony is minding their business, their actions AGAINST the hackers have NEVER hurt the average gamer. Stop crying hackers, you lost LOL

NewMonday2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

edit: come on that was a charlie sheen "winning!"

Lots of angry fans in his blog

CheeseBiscuit: Hotz I paid because I thought you were fighting our fight, not just to save your own ass. Its ok it was only £10 but I feel cheated and I feel that you misrepresented yourself in your appeal...

Night Breed: Hotz,Please tell me your bloody trolling. You went from diehard anti Sony who is the freedom protector to a swiveling bitch which bows down? Way to sell out.

webmaster: Geohot is a fraud and he always has been. Do a dispute on all the paypal donations to teach him a lesson. You owe people an explanations to what was settled as they paid to help you thinking you were fight for their right of the OS. Your nothing but a fraud and you have done nothing for the PS3 but cost us our other OS feature.

morganfell2837d ago

Persons such as the "webmaster" posting on Hotz's blog are truly idiots if they believe Hotz's actions were ever some altruistic campaign to restore Other OS.

Focker4202837d ago


The defendants in a settlement never get paid, ever. George didn't get anything from this settlement except an injunction against him. Although if it had gone to court Sony could've racked up enough damages against him where he'd be owing Sony for life. So a settlement was basically Hotz only option.

Everyone seriously needs to brush up on some common law. Defendants are not on the winning side of a settlement... Ever.

sikbeta2837d ago

Come on he is boycotting Sony? how is that!? maybe cos he know that can't hack any Sony Product or will have to pay loads of money :P

JD_Shadow2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

1. You were the one that blocked me because I somehow defined myself as less than a human being because I had a different opinion than you, and backstabbed me after I had defended you so many times in the past. Now I see why you only have one bubble and what everyone was talking about with you.
2. It WAS about OtherOS. What the hell did you thing CFW reinstated? What the hell do you think the class action suit is all about?

Jesus CHRIST, THINK before you TROLL! This is not hard!

gta28002837d ago

Hahaha he's boycotting Sony products...what a load of bull. We all know he's going to secretly go out and purchase that sweet new NGP when it comes out lol. Sony should have some PI's watching him when it comes out hahahaha.

ComboBreaker2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Court Order: "GeoHot may not buy or touch any Sony hardware ever again."

GeoHot: "Hey guys, I am badass, and to show that, I am going to boycott Sony and never buy or touch their hardware again."

LOL at GeoHot trying to spin it.

PS - GeoHot asked for donations, then did a 180 degree, settle, and use the money to buy himself a brand new car. LOL at all hackers who got conned by GeoHot.

zag2837d ago


Sony don't need to know if he has or hasn't.

A Sony product could be hacked by anyone and they can just take him to court for hacking it.

That's why he's screwed, all it takes is someone else to hack a Sony product say he did it and bang in jail for him.

As I've said before If you play with the big boys be ready to be big time rolled.

If you can't handle that then don't play with the big boys.

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TreMillz2837d ago

*puts away gun* Oh you said smack, could of sworn i heard Gat.

cr33ping_death2837d ago

well you could always pistol whip.... just saying :)

badz1492837d ago

...better yet, brutal melee! :-P

meetajhu2837d ago

Now i hate that basta who said don't buy sony products

NewMonday2837d ago

Sony will be very happy if he stays away from their products

plb2837d ago

Good for you geohot now go back to play on your iPhone.

xtremeimport2837d ago

I'm not the only one who doesnt care about this right?

another crybaby loser that I couldnt give two shits about.

xAlmostPro2837d ago

Fact is this should have never happened.

If he didn't try to become a glory hunter by releasing his hack in the first place otherOS would still be there not only that.

It's pretty known that sony are very open and supportive to developers as well as outside suggestions and such.

He should have wen't to them in the first place saying "hey i've found a major flaw in your security, how about you guys work with myself and some other hackers to create a homebrew path and i'll show you guys how to fix it?"

Atleast that way it would have been civil and then sony would have atleast been warned.

But hey it seems that what's done is done i'd love to see sony + hackers come together and create maybe a homebrew tool, kind of like the theme tool sony released.

Maybe the homebrew would have to be in certain code and then the sony tool would compile it to a ps3 format ? ;/

NewMonday2837d ago

Funny thing is, he didn’t successfully hack the PS3, he just took the credit of the work done by Fail0verflow, and released the hack publicly, something Fail disagreed with.

xAlmostPro2837d ago


Well sort of, they achieved the hack with geo's originals findings(how to access the HV etc) :)

JD_Shadow2837d ago

"If he didn't try to become a glory hunter by releasing his hack in the first place otherOS would still be there not only that."

They did that because it cost them too much to maintain, they said when they didn't include it in the slim (how many times do we have to explain this?). Red Hat said it wouldn't be removed from the fats, but Sony wanted to remove it somehow without Red Hat getting pissed at them. Someone mentioned a security hole within OtherOS, and instead of patching that one hole, Sony removed the ENTIRE FUNCTION!

Now why did you suppose THAT is?

Then again, we take Sony's word at face value when we never take anyone else's like that.

DragonKnight2837d ago

darkpower, stop being such an anti-Sony whining troll. you never used OtherOS so STFU.

How much does it cost Sony to put the photo feature on the PS3? A one time cost per console. Same with OtherOS. The only "cost" in OtherOS is in memory, not in dollars. This was never about OtherOS. This was about EgoHot trying to get away with another Apple like incident.

JD_Shadow2837d ago

"darkpower, stop being such an anti-Sony whining troll. you never used OtherOS so STFU."

Because I didn't really understand how to actually INSTALL it! Maybe if I was a bit more daring, I probably would have. Perhaps I should've been.

But what's this about me being an "anti-Sony whining troll." Go look at my comment history prior to when this Hotz thing began! Or are you too lazy to do simple research before you go running your mouth?

"How much does it cost Sony to put the photo feature on the PS3? A one time cost per console. Same with OtherOS. The only "cost" in OtherOS is in memory, not in dollars. This was never about OtherOS. This was about EgoHot trying to get away with another Apple like incident."

1. And the "Apple incident" was a bad thing?
2. From :

"The reasons are simple: The PS3 Slim is a major cost reduction involving many changes to hardware components in the PS3 design. In order to offer the OtherOS install, SCE would need to continue to maintain the OtherOS hypervisor drivers for any significant hardware changes – this costs SCE. One of our key objectives with the new model is to pass on cost savings to the consumer with a lower retail price. Unfortunately in this case the cost of OtherOS install did not fit with the wider objective to offer a lower cost PS3."

And here's the guarantee I was talking about:

Again, learn to do simple research before you go running your mouth as if you know what you're talking about!

DragonKnight2837d ago

"Because I didn't really understand how to actually INSTALL it! Maybe if I was a bit more daring, I probably would have. Perhaps I should've been."

That load of bull might fly with a head trauma patient, but not with me. There were tons of tutorials online on how to do it. Fact remains, you didn't care. Just admit it like you just admitted to NOT using the feature. It's funny how you whine about the lack of it, yet never bothered to actually use the feature, or look up on how to use it. Now why would someone who so desperately wants a feature not try to use it, or even bother looking up how to install it hmmmmmmmmm? Yeah, thought so. You're spewing crap.

"But what's this about me being an "anti-Sony whining troll." Go look at my comment history prior to when this Hotz thing began! Or are you too lazy to do simple research before you go running your mouth?"

So then you admit that since this "Hotz thing" began you've been an anti-Sony whining troll. Thanks for admitting it. Since you've validated my statement, I have no need to look to your comment history.

"1. And the "Apple incident" was a bad thing?"

Learn the meaning of the word context. EgoHot thought he would receive a favorable ruling that allows him to hack the PS3 as much as he wants to because he received a favorable ruling in the Apple case. This made him believe he was untouchable, made him arrogant, and he was promptly knocked off his high horse when he discovered that it's not going to happen like that again.

"2. From

Why are you linking me reasons that Sony removed OtherOS from the Slim? It's irrelevant to your arguments as the issue is with the Fat PS3's. Try again.

"And here's the guarantee I was talking about:

Good for you, except we were talking about you finding where the feature was ADVERTISED!! If you read ANY Terms of Service Agreement for ANY product, they all state that the parent company is entitled to make changes to said product at any time without notification. Also, Sony gave people the chance to keep OtherOS on the Fat's, they just couldn't play new games or log in to PSN on their PS3's, so it's not like people were forced into anything. There was a choice to be made. Either play new games, or keep Linux. Sony removed OtherOS from the Fat PS3's because of EgoHot, plain and simple.

zag2837d ago

No one hacked the PS3 really.

Not even FailoverFlow.

The debug mode came from someone leaking the firmware code onto the net.

From that you could get the code to switch to debug/game production mode allowing people to copy stuff to the PS3 HDD.

After that Fail were able to use the debug mode to get the Key for the firmware with linux to send the right stuff to the PS3.

If the leaked firmware had never happened then all of this would never have happened in the first place so that person is probably screwed big time right now.

insomnium22836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

OMG Dragonnight. I just love the a**whopping you gave darkpower. There is no running away from facts here and you summed 'em up pretty nicely.

I never would've though geo would get his a** whopped this big by Sony. I'm at a loss for words really. It feels good to see justice for once. FU geohot and company.

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ngecenk2837d ago

a smack and a bitchslap!

every console hackers should've known that they brought almost nothing with those homebrews stuff. yet the one that actually took advantage for their work is piracy!

im glad to see this news, hope that this become a lesson to every hackers! if you really want to improve your skill, do it, but dont publish it! hacking is not a penis measuring contest!

Persistantthug2837d ago

I'd be curious how much.

He's a rat bastard.

AssassinHD2837d ago

There is a PDF on psx-scene detailing the settlement. Sony did not pay him anything.

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago

Man that's dumb. You think he got money? Dude got lucky it wasn't worse. No $$$ Sony won.

Just_The_Truth2837d ago

why would they need to pay him he's spending thousands a day on court fees and lawyers i'd think stopping that train would be enough.

Persistantthug2837d ago


He's still a rat bastard, though.

Focker4202837d ago


I've been facepalming all day thanks to the stupidity of comments like yours.

MRMagoo1232837d ago

Why in the hell are ppl asking about how much geo got paid he lost the case ffs lol who the hell thinks the loser of a court case gets the money i cant wrap my head around these thoughts some of you ppl are having.

Persistantthug2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Technically, there was no "loser"....the case was a settlement.

Typically, at least with alot of settlements, there is money involved.

Now here, apparently, there was no money involved, at least what we know of, and I believe it.....and thanks to AssassinHD, I was corrected.

But you're going a little bit far in your proclamations here, and again, there was no technical loser.

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FailOverHero2837d ago

So nobody's gonna say it? Lol @sony realising they couldn't beat him after all. So much for him getting raped in jail. That is all. Big win

rabidpancakeburglar2837d ago

Well they did beat him, it was settled out of court and I'm pretty sure that his new blog comments highlight that fact

AssassinHD2837d ago

Hotz has a permanent injuction against hacking Sony products, or even encouraging others to hack Sony products. Sony lost nothing in the settlement. I would say that they got the better end of the settlement.

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )


Learn to read. He was never looking at jail time. Big win for Sony if he ever gets caught hacking a Sony device and he might be slapped w criminal charges and no real defence. He signed his so called rights away buddy.

Just_The_Truth2837d ago

well they do win if he's ever caught using a Sony product he'll probably go to jail or have to pay a fine that puts a stop to him i'm sure they'll probably hire a P.I. to check up on him from time to time either way it didn't end up like the iphone case so that's a big win and now they've secured the PS3 and PSN even better and i'm sure they'll continue to update it in fact what he did was give Sony a booster shot now i think they're going to put more focus on security and banning. When a new gen comes out i'd expect Sony to be ready.

ziggurcat2837d ago


sony won the case. because of the injunction, hotz can no longer touch a sony product. how do you figure hotz won?

Oner2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

a) This was a civil suit not a criminal one. Educate yourself before you speak misinformation (but that is to be expected from you as usual).

b) GeoHot wasn't "fighting the good fight", he was fighting to keep his butt from paying out the same area because he distributed STOLEN intellectual property and was being held accountable for that.

c) This settlement almost undoubtedly was drawn up by GeoHot's OWN legal team to avoid EXTREME penalties or worse! Basically he knew he was going to lose and he plead out like the little [email protected]#$ he is...again proving he did this for himself, his ego & notoriety. Nothing more. And surely NOT for "consumer rights" that he so proclaimed.

d) How can you say GeoHot "won" when he absolutely FAILED in accomplishing ANYTHING he "claimed" to set out to do?

Seriously, he didn't win a damned thing. He got put in his place. PERIOD.

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago


Thank you. Your comment is perfect.

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ElementX2837d ago

"Sony is the greatest company" LMFAO. Besides electronics, what has Sony done for you? What has Sony done for the environment, society, charity? Bill Gates gives more to society than Sony ever has. Blind brand loyalty is pathetic.

Victory for Sony? All you fanboys wanted Geohotz in prison getting raped. Sony didn't win, they settled. Basically Geohotz gets away free for following a few rules.

"We will never hate Sony". I can't help but chuckle at the sheer blind devotion to some corporation. Yes they provide you and I with a video games and consoles, maybe some other electronics, but to speak of them like some sort of holy deity is kind of creepy.

BTW: Just started Yakuza 4 today, never played one before, it's awesome!

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago

I hear you but if they are all bad then why position others in a better light? Bill Gates gets tax breaks for giving to charity. If his accountants aren't telling him to do so they're stupid. I like Sony because I like their products. I pay money for what I get from them and the relationship is no more complicated than that..

ElementX2837d ago

Yes but blind devotion and speaking about some corporate entity as though it were infallible is foolish.

Otheros002837d ago Show
floppy2837d ago


"Victory for Sony? All you fanboys wanted Geohotz in prison getting raped. Sony didn't win, they settled Basically Geohotz gets away free for following a few rules."

Really you considered this a win for Geohot? Here's a quote directly from his website:

"it's not about me, I was on the verge of quitting this stuff last June, and I would hate to be the one who sets a reputation for hackers that all a company has to do is sue us and we back down."

Seems he back down like a bitch considering he signed a settle with a permanent injunction against him.

NeoTribe2837d ago

A handful of people comment as if sony is there diety so u go ahead and accuse every sony owner of this. I have a ps3 and a pc for specific reasons. Ps3 makes awesome exclusives, pc has blizzard games(diablo3!). No worshiping here buddy i just have common sense when it comes to playin the good shit. If i wanted any other game console id have it cuz i work for a living rather than being a whiny bitch.

kikizoo2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

They have done huge things for environment and others (just check), what bill gates gives is huge, but don't be blind like you are accusing other to be, it's not free, for environnement, and for others people (just do some research on bill gates charity business), he is just using charity like a capitalist, not gandhi.

more pathetic than sony loyalists happy for sony here, you have some xfans, like you, not happy because they win "bububu they don't win, they settled bububu he is not in jail" ...sad :) (when i look to the guys reported as "troll", i can see pathetic xfans who don't like people doing the same thing, or even less then them : because mots of the time, ps3 "troll" don't lie, they don't have too)

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Christopher2837d ago

I don't recall anything in the injunction about him not being able to talk about it...

Why is he saying that? I mean, honestly, I'm reading it right now and there's nothing that prevents him from discussing the case in the document.

Christopher2837d ago

To note, a letter of intent may apply a semblance of a NDA, but it would not be able to cover that which is publicly known. Meaning, the injunction itself is public and therefore he would be able to reference it directly in response to anyone who would ask. He could even post the injunction itself on his blog.

But, Hotz' choice in handling questions so far is to just say he can't talk about it at all.

The NDA in a LOI would mostly likely apply to what lead up to the injunction or discussion of any agreements made otherwise. It would not permit him to discuss what is publicly available, though.

Zeevious2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

You may have missed this point:

Section 4 - 24
"F - Knowingly assisting or inducing others to engage in any of the conduct set forth in A-E above solely directed at any SONY PRODUCT or that otherwise constitutes contributory liabilty under the law."

This could easily be interpreted as a blanket non-disclosure by discussion.

I don't give Geo any more trust or expect him to be any more reliable than the car-brand he must have been named after . . .
. . . but he may be restricted from talking about this by the language in section F of the agreement.

"Knowingly assisting or inducing others to engage in any of the conduct set forth in A-E above"

That could be interpreted as something as simple as a "Great Job!" by George in any form to anyone investigating the inner working of any Sony, or Sony related product -- at Sony's discretion.

You are correct in your additional note about his replies regarding the injunction.

I suspect the $250,000 penalty would remind him to take a moment to think on each and every word before commenting in some way that ended up making the line from his 'rap'

"_ _ _ _ _ _ in the _ _ _ with no lube" come true, with the Sony lawyers lined up to do it.

The document is actually surprising. There are innumerable ways to interpret violations by George, with "any violation of this Judgment by Hotz . . . and, if such a violation occurs, SCEA wil be entitled to immediate relief."

It makes you wonder...just what WAS on his hard-drive and what information, or details on others involved did or didn't he provide -- to sign such an agreement that is to his complete disadvantage, and to Sony's advantage.

For all his ridiculous claims of free-speech and fighting to the end, and bad rap, and attention griefing, he certainly did an about face in the only place were it actually mattered to stand up for what you believe in . . .


Christopher2837d ago

I didn't miss it. It in no way prevents him from citing the specifics of the injunction, though. It also does not translate to "do not talk bout public information" or "trial details".

People asked him from very early on why he settled and what the terms of the settlement were. Rather than just say he'd rather not discuss it, he instead cited a false claim in that he was not allowed to talk about it due to the action at hand (the injunction).

The only way his comments could have been construed as "assisting or inducing others to engage in any of the conduct [aforementioned" is if he explicitly stated that others should continue to perform such actions. Otherwise, he would be speaking only factual data as to his case, which when asked and answered could not be construed as inciting or inducing.

Zeevious2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I see your point.

I'm thinking at this time though, we would need to consider motivations beyond the case.

Considering the agreement is really not an agreement at all, unless it's an agreement that he's going to be immediately screwed by Sony in about a hundred different interpretations of his actions -- In my opinion I think he's just trying to publicly 'save-face' while in fact caved-in both in his principles and everything else he claimed he was going to do to protect the vague, unsubstantiated cry of 'free speech' he trotted out, misleading his supporters in spirit and out of their cash supporting these claims.

It would surprise me if he's not now actually liable for fraud (criminal or civil charges?) for taking donations during the settlement discussions, knowing and with intent that in fact he never was going to go forward or use these donations as claimed, and intended to settle while receiving them.

We won't even discuss an audit of his vacation funds, while spending contributors money -not his own- on legal fee's.

I would feel defrauded by these actions and I understand why so many in the hacker community are upset with him.

I still think this is subject to more interpretation than just the letter of the law, and it's his motivations -- not the letter of the law that are the basis for the current replies concerning the settlement of this case.

Christopher2837d ago

I'm not sure he'll be outed for fraud as long as the donations he received are used to continue the fight, per se. Though, I could definitely be wrong and those who have donated could be allowed the right to ask for their donation, or a percentage thereof based on the amount used to-date, depending on country law.

I would hope that his lawyers would already be there to gladly accept the money to continue fighting for the rights of those like GeoHot.

Zeevious2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I agree...I would feel defrauded, but feeling defrauded and pursuing and collecting for fraud are two different things.

I think anyone who donated would and should recover their money by claiming it as a charge-back through Paypal.

Just using the money to continue pursuing this after settlement is not acceptible in my opinion. If I paid for a 2012 Lexus, and got a 1992 Lexus, it's not the same thing I spent my money on.

I'm sure his lawyers are lined up to get that extra cash though, and write a few papers on the topic claiming they are working on it in principle, to pocket it.

In all rights, the money should be returned to anyone who donated it.

Will it be? Well, we only have George's history of actions, convictions to this cause, and the respect he deserves for standing up for what he believed in for any reason, or ridiculous rap, or fighting to the end against the terrible...


Oh, yeah...


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gta28002837d ago

I'd rather do some jail time if I was this idiot. At least when he's free he would of gotten to enjoy PS4, PS5, PS6, PSP2, PSP3, he gets to enjoy least not publicly lol.

kneon2837d ago

He can freely buy any Sony product, he just can't hack them. But he says he is boycotting Sony products. Way to stick it to them, I'm sure that will really hurt the bottom line /s

gta28002836d ago

But it doesn't seem he enjoys these seems he enjoys hacking hacking for him=no enjoyment.

Dsnyder2837d ago

He should be in jail. No matter what anyone says what he did was illegal. These laws are in place for a reason. If he was allowed to do this without punishment then what is to stop someone with gun knowlege from making a bunch of illegal automatic weapons? It seems like a small thing when you hack a console but one small crime unpunished leads to bigger crimes going unpunished. Not to mention you hurt your companies by hacking. Look at Xbox. It is hack rampant and it is about to be in 3rd place because of it. Sony knew this and they are right to put a stop to it.