Anonymous will continue with Sony boycott, despite Hotz settlement

SystemLink: "If you missed it, Sony have just posted a settlement in George Hotz case. Anonymous, the infamous internet group, who had brought down various Sony-owned websites days before, had planned a boycott of Sony on April 16th. We reached out to Anonymous to ask whether the settlement has altered their plans."

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Antholex2746d ago

It'll be interesting to see what action, if any, Anonymous do take against Sony.

Acquiescence2746d ago

They can't DDOS Sony sites and screw with PSN without pissing off consumers more than Sony, so they have to resort to a day of protest and in-store boycotting instead. What's that going to accomplish? Zilch. I wonder what other options they have apart from sending pizza's to the doors of Sony employees.

iDotDotDot2746d ago

It wont accomplish anything but probably them getting on some local news,Sony getting a little free publicity and them getting escorted from the stores.

If I was Sony I would coincide a Sale to go along with the boycott that Anonymous is planning.

NewMonday2746d ago

It would be interesting to see what happens when gamers confront Anonymous at this event.

Istanbull2746d ago

I would bring my homies and take off those ugly masks and punch them in the face. They will not hit back becoz they're probably nerds without social life.

HolyOrangeCows2745d ago

Oh no! People who never buy Sony products are boycotting Sony products!

ComboBreaker2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

We are 30 kids.

We are going to boycott and refrain ourselves from buying Sony products, for 1 day only, on April 16th.

Having sold close to 50 million PS3s, Sony will surely feel it when 30 kids don't buy Sony products for 1 day, and 1 day only.

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FACTUAL evidence2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

lmao these guys are priceless....This goes to show that they don't even know why they're trying to attempt to demolish sony. These guys are the definition of failure.

frostypants2746d ago

Just kids looking for an excuse to be destructive. Now that excuse has been taken away, yet they want to continue. That should be all anyone needs to know to understand their true motives.

TreMillz2746d ago

im going to go down to Manhattan to the store just to see if theyre really going to be there then i point and laugh at all the dorks thats wasting their time there...ironically id be wasting my time also...NOO IM A DORK!!!

Ravage272746d ago

lol i expect no less from a bunch of pathetic attention whores.

dangert122746d ago

I Agree with what anonymous 'say' they stand for just it's awkard for them when dealing with stuff alot of people are happy with. and i don't actually see there problem with sony via the ps3. sony are not stoping you from hacking it you can if you want do as you please with your console.but if you hack it you will lose acess to sony's services as you may be able to damage other peoples experience's or steal software from them and other companies

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rabidpancakeburglar2746d ago

Surprise, Surprise. What a pathetic bunch

HBK6192746d ago

Proof that it wasn't actually about Hotz and the OtherOS removal after all. All Anonymous are, are a bunch of ego driven maniacs who think they rule the world.

This boycott will be hilarious when everyone calls them dipshits for being there, anybody tries it near me and they'll certainly be 'anonymous' all over the net!

Acquiescence2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

absolutely no one will care anymore.

Mark my words, come the 16th interest in this protest will have notably dwindled.

KillerPwned2746d ago

They all must be really ragging it, Here you go ladies....

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