HMV Launch Videogame Trade-In App

UK high street retailer has recently launched their very own videogame app for iOS and Android based devices, delivering their RE/PLAY service to gamers on the go. RE/PLAY is the branding associated with HMV’s trade-in scheme for videogames and videogame products, and now iOS and Android users can find out how much their product is worth without even going to a store.

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Corrwin2837d ago

Why the hell don't they (and Gamestation/Game) offer this from their own damn websites?

Why an app? So you'll look cool scanning a bar code? Brilliant.

Senden2837d ago

Good app, especially love the ability to scan the barcode.

S_C2837d ago

Great App, Just Downloaded It And Tested Out The Bar Scanner And Got To Say Its Fast And Responsive And Most Importantly It Works

Corrwin2837d ago

I always thought capitalisation was important, but oh well.