HMV trade-in status and discount confirmed

A source close to Gamereactor has confirmed that recent reports are true and that HMV will no longer buy trade-in games and will sell all their remaining stock at a hugely discounted price.

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candy_mafia2660d ago

...another Game Retailer going out of business ;(

Dynasty20212660d ago

They said ages ago they were ditching the gaming part of their business.

Not that anyone really buys music or DVDs any more either...

Bye bye HMV. You and GAME won't be missed, with your ridiculously high prices.

rustyspoon802660d ago

HMV will be missed if they close down (but not their high prices) they are a British institution. Along with Woolworths who's street presence died a few years back.
The British high street is changing into a line of pound shops, bookies and pawn shops. It's not good.
Even my local Shopping center is loosing decent stores and becoming one giant mobile store.

paul-p19882659d ago

Or the fact that they are ridiculously expensive... The only time i shop in there is when they have a decent "2 for £20" deal, or similar. Other than that you can get everything they sell a hell of a lot cheaper anywhere else

Radentangr2660d ago

I have been to HMV in a major City today and there is no sale. Just so others are aware.

TheSaint2660d ago

Same, they had a few on offer but nothing noteworthy.