Family Guy Street Fighter parody

Gamertag Radio writes: "Family Guy parodies Street Fighter with a battle between Peter and Mr. Washee Washee."

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frostyhat1232750d ago

To bad family guy in a whole sucks! But this is a pretty good parody.

dericb112750d ago

Quit hating. The show has slowed down some but that whole episode was a classic.

Just to add the second half was about brain and quagmire for anyone who did see the whole show.

frostyhat1232750d ago

I'm not hating. I just don't think repetitive 5th grade humour is funny anymore.

JohnApocalypse2750d ago

Are you kidding? The show keeps on getting better and better

Der_Kommandant2750d ago

Looks better than Street Fighter

redDevil872750d ago

That was jokes, really well done!

Rybakov2750d ago

dont like family guy but this is one of the few exceptions

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