Family Guy Street Fighter parody

Gamertag Radio writes: "Family Guy parodies Street Fighter with a battle between Peter and Mr. Washee Washee."

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frostyhat1234795d ago

To bad family guy in a whole sucks! But this is a pretty good parody.

dericb114795d ago

Quit hating. The show has slowed down some but that whole episode was a classic.

Just to add the second half was about brain and quagmire for anyone who did see the whole show.

frostyhat1234795d ago

I'm not hating. I just don't think repetitive 5th grade humour is funny anymore.

JohnApocalypse4795d ago

Are you kidding? The show keeps on getting better and better

Der_Kommandant4795d ago

Looks better than Street Fighter

redDevil874795d ago

That was jokes, really well done!

Rybakov4795d ago

dont like family guy but this is one of the few exceptions

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Street Fighter at 35: An Unrivalled Legacy

Celebrating its anniversary today, Street Fighter at 35 years old is just as important today as it was back in 1987.

HeliosHex654d ago

Jesus 35yrs! Now I feel old.

Sciurus_vulgaris654d ago

Street Fighters older than me. I still have some memories of playing Street Fighter on arcade machines up until the early 2000s.


Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II is free on the PSN, eShop, and Xbox Live

The PlayStation Brahs:

"The Street Fighter 35th anniversary is nearly upon us, as Capcom looks to celebrate the fighting series that changed the genre completely. It appears they’re looking to give back to the fans who helped make it such a success over all these years. Starting today You can download Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II for free!"

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FullmetalRoyale717d ago

No online functionality, unfortunately.

Bathory666717d ago

Aww darn. Oh well it’s fun to have.

autobotdan717d ago

I remember when Street Fighter 15th anniversary collection on original xbox was the very first ever online street fighter games. Those were good memories

masterfox717d ago

cool , thanks for the heads up