Bulletstorm dev: PS3Other OS removal is just an excuse for PS3 hackers

Adrian Chmielarz is the founder of Bulletstorm developer People can Fly. Speaking in the latest issue of PSM 3, the developer responded to a question regarding thoughts on the hacking of the PS3. Adrian hit back by noting 'hacker always need an excuse for hacking'. He claimed that the removal of OtherOS is just an 'excuse' from hackers and noted that the biggest concern is hacks that are used for cheating online. Concluding his thoughts, Adrian noted that hackers can ruin something like 100 families (of game developers) through their actions and noted that a kid can ruin their lives.

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JimmyHACK2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

As Lana Kane says - "Yyyup!"

farhad2k82750d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, it's just an excuse. Half of these new breed of hackers never even used the 'OtherOS' feature.

I just wish each and every one of them get arrested or fined. It's ludacris.

It's as if a person has saved up for their house for years, and once they finally had the money, they bought this gorgeous house. Then.. all of a sudden.. neighbours started to break the windows etc.

TronEOL2750d ago

Word. But of course there will be a slew of hackers to attempt to defend themselves. I'm pretty much giving up on the argument since I can tell Sony has themselves defended and they'll easily win this battle. Especially with Developers and many, MANY gamers behind them.

So continue being stubborn, hackers, but you'll be the only loser in this battle while I play my hack-free PS3 online and continue to support the industry that gave me over thousands of hours of gaming entertainment.

Petro2750d ago

I also think that hackers should use their time into something better that provides them a better future. And of course they use removal of Other OS as a excuse for hacking.

Same as politicians now use nuclear power plant crisis in Japan as a leaver to stop governments from giving more building permissions for nuclear power plants.

beavis4play2750d ago

yea - i have a strong suspicion that the hackers of today are hobos living off relatives in 25 years.....of course - most are probably leeching off someone at this moment.

outwar60102750d ago

what a load of bs people feel cheated so they provide a solution for themselves sony dont like it and start sueing for modifying something they paid for

saumer2750d ago

This is beyond modifying something they bought. They are giving millions of people the keys to Sony's house.

RememberThe3572750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Really? So what was the excuse before Sony removed Other OS? Because we all know people were trying to hack the PS3 before Other Os was removed. And what was the excuse for hacking the 360? Or Wii? How did MS and Nintendo "cheat" you guys?

fishd2750d ago

You can't modify something just because you " paid " for it .There are rules . Go buy a house , see if you can " modify " it into a skyscraper without any kind of permission .

redDevil872750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I'd love to see someone try to modify their house into a skyscraper lol. It'd end up looking even more messed up then the stairway to heaven Stan, Kyle and Cartman built in Southpark.

Perkel2750d ago

both are looking for exscuses.

And both sides of conflict are bad.

Sony removing feature that we bought

Geohot looking for ps3 hack.

There are no good sides in this conflict.

Baka-akaB2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


Then why is OtherOS' return the last thing that came with the ps3 hack ?

I mean really the last thing . All they did so far was mostly piracy and emu related (so piracy mostly again) .

Where are the so called interesting homebrew ? And why was the object of their holy crusade , the return of Linux , the last thing on everyone's mind ?

Because truth be told , almost no one care .

Those among us who used linux and cared , got it removed on our fat ps3 , because some pricky kids couldnt stand the idea of a slim without it .

Great job so far guys !

RememberThe3572750d ago

I remember all these comments talking about how cracking the PS3 was going to open it up to all this great homebrew. Where is he now? Where is all this great homebrew?

It was always about piracy and it has always been about piracy. I don't know if they're trying to fool us or themselves with these claims of homebrew and other os, but it's obvious the rest of us don't buy it.

All they seem to have been able to do is create and perpetuate cheating and pirating on the platform that was better of with out it.

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