Japan: Halo 3 Bows Out

After enjoying its minute on the Japanese charts at number one, Halo 3 is nowhere to be seen. Plus, more on the exclusive Monster Hunter 3 Wii deal.

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Young Capwn4023d ago

its a done deal, no more 360 sales in japan intil FFXIII goes muli plat


marinelife94023d ago

How many 360's have been sold in Japan. I think it's a pretty good attach rate for the people who actually own them over there.

RadientFlux4023d ago

Not all that surprising... Halo3 has the same appeal in Japan as a Dating Simulator has in North America

squallsoft4023d ago

hey, dating sims are the only way i get girls! XD

anyway, if you read all the way till the end of the article, he jokingly (and seriously) points out how nintendo is holding back this generation.

so i guess monster hunter 3 wont look much better than monster hunter 2...

thanks nintendo!

PS360WII4023d ago

"and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core sold 30,000 more copies, for a total of 680,000, which is especially remarkable when one considers how many copies are currently cramming used stores -- some places are selling it for as low as 2,100 yen (its retail price is 5,280)."

huh? Are they saying this isn't a keeper? :(
Though it is selling well so that's cool

Skizelli4023d ago

I didn't expect it to last long, but just the fact that it made it to the top of the charts in Japan when they aren't big fans of FPS games is a huge feat.

Icecold334023d ago

It's funny how this article is titled "Japan: Halo 3 Bows Out" but it's about the titles in the Japanese top 10. Halo 3 has so many haters on its jock that it's almost unbelievable.

Who cares what's not on the chart, should the title be telling you what is on the chart?


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