Rumor: GameInformer Gives Mass Effect 9.75/10

GameInformer's latest has an exclusive review of Mass Effect. The consensus: "It's an adventure that is so captivating that you'll be counting the days for the sequel. It takes interactive storytelling to new heights, and brings the player closer to content than ever before. It's easily one of the year's best titles and one of the most impressive games to date."

GameInformer Score: 9.75/10

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sonarus4028d ago

hasnt there been like 3 attempts to submit this alredy. anyone seen any scans yet?

TheFamilyGuy4028d ago


That is a rounded score.

The real score is the 9.75. Which is also what they gave Halo 3.

DrPirate4028d ago

They gave Mass Effect, Halo 3 and Orange box all 9.75

secret4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

A teacher feels sorry for the B student and wants to help him out. The teacher gives the B student an A on his report card. The B student puts that on the resume and gets a job, and the TRUE A student gets turned down for the same job.

After several weeks on the job, or maybe a year or two if the new boss is kind hearted and hopeful, the boss of the company will realize that the "A" student isn't really as good as his report card / resume suggests. He is disapointed and won't trust report cards / resume too much anymore and will be skeptical from now on.

The B student won't be working there for long, no matter how high his marks. He can brag about his "A" all he wants, but out there somewhere, a TRUE A student is doing an "A" job, but is living a harder life because he was unfairly given a "B."

Remember that Gamepro gave the Wii a "B" grade in the gaming department over the PS3 with a "C" in the gaming department. After we test out each student in the workplace, we begin to suspect that the PS3 is really doing a much better real world job compared to the Wii's report card.

Remember that Gamepro also wanted to harm the PS3 by giving Resistance fall of man a lower score in Graphics compared to MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE (issue 220, Jan 07). It might be an honest opinion on their part, but it doesn't seem a reality to me. And overtime, in the real working world where bosses look at results rather than the resume, you might see that Resistance might actually indeed be better looking than Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Notice how, for the first time in the history of gaming, Amercian reviewers are dishing out perfect scores for their "American console"? Could this be objective with no bias at all? Are YOU unbiased? Prior to this "American console" coming into the gaming industry, no "professional and unbiased" American magazine has ever easily dished out mutliple-non-stop perfect scores before for every single game like PGR4 on one console - month after month after month(a perfect 10/10 from Xbox magazine?) Give me a break.

This is an artificial life support tactic to prevent the death of an ill xbox360. Sega's demise threw a shock to everyone. It's possible, therefore, that even Nintendo or even Microsoft might tumble. And guess what? Americans don't want to see their console tumble. So what happens? Hey everyone -- pefect 10's, even before a game is done.

But hype and artificial life support tactics will keep the system alive for only so long if it's so ill that it needs them to survive.

If the xbox360 didn't struggle so much with life, all these tens wouldn't be occuring.

I don't care which console is better or worse. Actually, I WANT to know which console is the best. But I'm damn pissed off because you won't really know which one is truly better until they keep the playing field level and honest. Like Marion Jones using steriods and having all her medals taken away. Did she deserve the medals? Weren't there other competitors out there that night that deserved it more than she did?

We are talking about justice here. It's not like the xbox360 is sooooo expensive that I'm jealous not to own it. It's not like it's graphics and features and qualities and games are sooooo good that I'm jealous.

Let me point this out. All games that I like on the xbox360 are already being ported to the PS3. And if they're not, they'll end up on PC's. So anyone who owns a PS3 plus a personal computer will most likely have a custom built xbox360 for free.

I just don't like the injustice I'm seeing. We're talking about inflation here. Sooner or later, we're going to need scores as high as 10000000000 for games that are REALLY good and not just fake good. Fake good games will be perfect 10. And then they'll create a new score of 1000000000 for games that are really good and not just games that need a little help to help keep a console alive. INFLATION.

Is that why you bought an xbox360? For the fake reviews?

gogators4028d ago

price of a high end PC and a PS3. Count me in.

Bullseye4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

@secret 1.3

Unfortunately in the real world your scenario doesn't hold water.And this is why.We don't live in a Meritocracy,many people do not 'earn' their positions by ability. In fact, its more likely that student 'B' will retain his job,because his boss is also a student 'B' and does not wish to be found out by student 'A'.Anyone with real world experience could have told you this. Therefore your whole argument is based on a flimsy premise

codeazrael4028d ago

I was first admiring that guy for the long post and his comparisons but you just took all of the wind out of his sail...........bubbles for the knowledge.

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Jdash244028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

isnt this a bit early.......i mean the game is over a month away, shouldnt they wait for the final build of the game to review it........or is the final build already done? has this game gone gold yet? (sorry for the noob question but i just dont know for this game)

TheFamilyGuy4028d ago

this is pretty typical. They'll send out a review copy of the game early for sites and magazines to review and build buzz.

ShiftyLookingCow4028d ago

here is the proof from GT forums, they had scans at Mass Effect forums but understandably mods removed it

doomsonyman4028d ago

even though i hate microsoft you can always trust gameinformer

sonarus4028d ago

i dont think halo deserved a 9.75 especially with the lame campaign however this game probably deserves this. It just looks so good and has so much potential to be a great franchise. Won't sell as much as halo but it will sell pretty well

PimpHandHappy4028d ago

will be the reason i buy a 360....

in the new year

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