Lightning Mr Bubbles5982d ago

Bioware games on PS3. EA makes everything multi platform

nasim5982d ago

Mass effect --although irrelevant might be multiplat

BTW RATCHET (ps3) has got 10/10 from GAMEINFORMER


Mass Effect is published by microsoft.

Next two games will be exclusive to 360 as well; deal has already been signed.

Sorry PS3 fanboys; but Im sure you can go play lair or something to entertain you

gaffyh5981d ago

Please No, EA's games have gone downhill, even though these aquisitions could lead to some good Multi-platform games, EA will just mess up the PS3 port like usually. :(

ShiftyLookingCow5981d ago

Bioware already has something cooking for PS3. Mass Effect trilogy is being published by MS. So maybe Mass Effect 4 and so on will go multi platform(probably PS4 and Xbox 720?). I just hope EA doesn't absorb Bioware like a giant amoeba, rather let them be their own and only publish games.

iceice1235981d ago

You're excited? Congrats, you're excited for an EA game. The games will be given strict deadlines and rushed. Key members from both will leave and probably start a new. There's nothing to get excited about, it's over.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles5982d ago

everyone better respect. They could easily decide who wins the console wars if they wanted to.

BloodySinner5981d ago

So says the PS3 fanboy that was bashing EA a few weeks ago because of their sloppy ports for the PlayStation 3 video game console. Now you want the same people you told EA was trash to respect them now? Wow! A major twist of events today on!!

Kuest5981d ago

Bloody Sinner, just look at em. You can practically smell the spit bubbles foaming from their mouths as they drool on their mother's keyboard.

Enjoy it fanboys, but I could care less whether or not Bioware produces games that are multiplat. All I want is QUALITY games. If EA can still uphold Bioware's outstanding image than fine. Let it be. If NOT, @#$! em.

MK_Red5982d ago

OMG, Please NO. This ugly EA is eating everything and forcing them into making yearly games. I hope this is untrue because I really don't want to see BioWare ruined.

dachiefsman5981d ago

couldn't agree more.....I am tired of EA

PS360WII5982d ago

uh-oh I hope this doesn't screw up the Sonic RPG for DS Bioware is making. EA is cool and all but big corporations usually go for what they know will sell rather than creating something new that might sell.

Lightning Mr Bubbles5982d ago

Sony better start kissing up to EA, Because you know MS will.

MikeGdaGod5981d ago

they still have Peter Moore in their pocket no doubt