An honest conversation with BioWare

Rick Knight writes: I kicked in the door to BioWare's office like a boss. It swung wide, nearly crumpling from the force of my Adidas shoe. I strode in and took stock of the situation. BioWare was sitting at his desk, flabbergasted; his gold-wire spectacles were locked on me. He had changed since the last time we spoke.

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NYC_Gamer3724d ago

bioware,have been putting out garbage lately.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR3724d ago

oh lord, gaming journalism has hit new heights!

Nate-Dog3724d ago

Have to say I enjoyed that, well written. Haven't played the Dragon Age games but it's pretty impossible to be around here and not know about how many people aren't satisfied with the second game.
As for Mass Effect, I'm kind of a little worried at how ME3 is going to pan out. Mass Effect when I played it for the first time a few months ago became my favourite game ever because (despite some of it's flaws, particularly in combat) the game was just so spectacular and had one of the best narratives I've ever seen. ME2 seemed a step down (although most people I know prefer it to ME) but was still a decent game. Bioware have put out two solid games in them which gives me hope they will give ME the ending and final game it deserves. But still, ME2 was streamlined, a lot, and Arrival DLC really was completely pointless when you think about it. Hopefully the news on ME3 coming soon will shed light on what route Bioware wish to take with it.

cochise3133724d ago

I hope they do not screw up ME3.

Kal8533724d ago

Great article. As a long time BioWare fan that's been let down recently I share the point of view of the author. They have a tremendous track record and I still respect them, but I am starting to worry about they're recent dip in quality. The "EA Effect" is the only thing I can think of as a cause. We'll see for sure with Mass Effect 3. It'll either end up being a fantastic game and end to a great trilogy, or will establish a definite pattern of lower quality games from a formerly A+ publisher, and that would be a sad day indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.