Personality Profile: Everyday Shooter Creator, Jonathan Mak

"Hi everyone, I'm Jonathan Mak, creator of Everyday Shooter, a game I know you've heard a little about recently from Rusty Buchert. I thought I'd pop by to give everyone a purview into the life of the one-man developing crew that is Quesy Games (me). Here are few photos to illustrate."

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PimpHandHappy4488d ago

one dude made this game? Thats awesome! I really want to see what ppl think of this game..

i wish this dude all the best of luck and maybe i will be buying his game in the near future...

BigPenguin4488d ago

Firstly, I will not be able to tell you if it is worth the price, because my view of money does not tend to coincide with others. All I can tell you is that I like it, and my review of it.

Now then, everyday shooter is fun and innovative. As I am sure you know it is a old school shooting game, much like stardust in the mechanics.

The music plays a big part in the game, where the enemy waves come with the beat, and there deaths play notes that fit in with the tune. Seeing how the game is based around music, it is understandable that the simple guitar riffs and other instruments all sound great and have catchy tunes.

The only real downside is the shooting. The moveing of your... "ship" is great, however the shooting seems to only go out at 16 angles, unlike stardust which is any direction at all. It for me just adds more dificulty, and thus fun, as opposed to frustration, however I think some people may actually be perturbed by the mechanics. However anyone who ever actually played the old school shooting games would find it just like the old days. Meaning it was obveously a purposful decision.

The visuals are great, with each level looking completely diffrent. ect. ect. ect.

As to the levels themselves, there are 7, and unlike most games where they just throw slightly different enemys at you, each level is COMPLETELY different. In term's of how the enemys swarm, to actuall attacks, to there being links that can destroy others on the other side of the field. It is all varied, and each will be able to provide replay value.

There is an extra's menu that will let you do a lot of different things, such as change the colors, or the way the game looks. I have not unlocked any of them yet, so I cannot comment.

Overall I think it is a good game, and there is a reason it is $10 as opposed to $3-8 like most of the unproven game's when they come out.