Top Ten Downloadable Games This Generation... So Far

This console generation has seen the rise of digitally distributed content in a major way. Everything from downloadable games and additional content to full retail products can be accessed without going to the store. In particular, digitally distributed games have drastically changed the console landscape. Teams without triple A financial backing can make a name for themselves, and publishers can take on riskier projects. In short: creativity thrives.

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ShawnCollier3216d ago

It's amazing how good some of the downloadable games are this gen.

JDouglasGU3216d ago

it really has allowed creative ideas to flourish

Cevapi883216d ago

whats even better is that we are seeing more go cross-platform....more gamers to experience some of the best games this gen when you just want to sit down and have some fun

mephman3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

It's only going to get better from here on. I mean, look at From Dust - that game looks amazing.

MagicAccent3216d ago

Yeah, I just bought Flower yesterday. I went and got me a cold one, and launched the game. And wow, probably the most relaxing gaming experience I've had in years.

(Also, that list is missing WipeOut HD)

Sanrin3216d ago

If anything its a nice sign that indie developers do make a large impact in the industry.

Coramoor_3216d ago

to be pointlessly dramatic, no gripshift = fail

JDouglasGU3216d ago

good game, but very hard to justify with all the heavy hitters here.

emil13216d ago

4 PSN exclusives
3 x360 exclusives

good, good.

coolbeans3216d ago

If you strictly go by lists to make these points, I recommend you stear clear of metacritic's arcade scores.

TheLastGuardian3216d ago

Your comment reminds me of something.

JohnApocalypse3216d ago

Where the fuck is Shadow Complex. It kicks the arses of every game on this list

A Cupcake for Gabe3216d ago

I'd put Scott Pilgrim and DeathSpank there to, even if it's an honorable mention. I think the Downloadable Gaming world is starting to become more enjoyable for me than many $60 games.

Coramoor_3216d ago

none of those games are overly original, and this list seems to have focused more on original ideas and new concepts rather then maybe top quality games

TheLastGuardian3216d ago

looks like you had one too many cupcakes lol.

cayal3216d ago

Where is Super StarDust HD?

Great game.

Cueil3216d ago

I loved that game it really was the best downloadable game I've played yet

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The story is too old to be commented.