ImpulseGamer: Yakuza 4 Review

ImpulseGamer writes: "If you let yourself get absorbed by Yakuza 4, you could be playing this game for a very and I mean very long time. The annoying factors of the game are some of the unskippable cutscenes and text dialogues that seem to go on for ever. However if you push this aside, Yakuza 4 is a very sturdy game and is definitely Japan's answer to the Grand Theft Auto series. As you explore the darker side of Kamurocho with these four characters, you'll be surprised at how well written the game is, not to mention the great combat, interesting missions, bizarre side quests and even weirder mini-games. Needless to say, if you want a game that is not your stereotypical Western game, than you really need to check out Yakuza, especially if you enjoyed Shenmue and the previous Yakuza titles."

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disturbing_flame2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

First of all the GTA like you know it now has appeared when Rockstar North started to develop it, so we can say that a lot of person know GTA since Vice City, before that it was DMA Design and Tarantula Studios that were developing GTA. And GTA 2 was not really like GTA 3, visually i mean.

In 1999 in Japan a game named Shenmue is released by SEGA on the Dreamcast, it was not a response to GTA, it had its own code and level design, but every developers on the planet saw in Shenmue great possibilities. GTA as most as people know it today would perhaps not be like it is if Shenmue had not be released.
YAKUZA can't be the answer to GTA, because GTA is already an answer to SEGA's Shenmue.

YAKUZA is more ARCADE oriented than SHENMUE, it is in fact an hybrid beat them all, with a real scenario and a deeper gameplay than all traditionnal beat them all on the market.
It's certainly the greatest beat them all of this generation.

This game is meant to be played by gamers that still have an attachment with video games, gamers that want the game they bought have tons of hours gameplay, not an 8 hours game they would sell 3 days later.

YAKUZA is a richer experience that all those games, those AAA games with perfect scores and their limited gameplay.

P_Bomb2840d ago

I just realised, they gave it 7.5/10 which translates to 75/ wtf did metacritic post it as 74 for?!