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ThisisXbox writes: "Michael Condrey, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and Co-Founder of Sledgehammer Games - the new Call of Duty Gods has hinted that the Call of Duty title they are currently developing could be almost out of Alpha Phase and ready to shift into Code Freeze part of the development cycle. Alpha is the partially completed and feature complete stage, but additional small tweaks and new improved features can get added - whilst Code Freeze is the correction of Bugs before a Beta Release."

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Dart892804d ago

Cod will never be the same r.i.p 2003-2007.

Pixelated_Army2804d ago

I'm done with games that use peer 2 peer. No dedicated servers no sale.

reynod2804d ago

Its peer2peer exclusively on console. PC gamers got shafed with MW2 they complained about it, things were back to normal with black ops. Console gamers however...

BattleAxe2804d ago

Well then I guess you won't be buying many games then.

bumnut2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Things were far from back to normal, every cod game on pc after world at war was cut down to console player counts.

Back to normal would be 50 + players and mod support.

InTheKnow2804d ago

Looks like the COD hype train is beginning. MW3 will be the best FPS releasing in November right along side the anniversary edition of Halo Ce of course.

Battlefield will be like COD only not as good. Still waiting for the mouth that roared to stop hiding behind PC footage and show their game on consoles. I wonder why they haven't? Crytek claimed that all their footage was console footage and it was true. Yet here we have Dice saying their engine is the best and then show some fantasy $2500 PC game play. Common Dice, stop hiding. What are they afraid of?

After Crytek's incredible showing in Crysis 2 and Gears 3 along with Rage dropping in September, it seems Dice is a little bit gun shy. Wait to they see Kingdoms at E3.

frostypants2804d ago

Plenty of PS3 games are server-based.

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egidem2804d ago

I know what you mean. Activision and Bobby are just taking an old car and repainting it with a new shiny coat every year. Then they go ahead and convince everyone else that it is a new and faster car.

thisisxbox2804d ago

I totally agree - as huge a fan as I am, I just don't have as much confidence in it this year. I am however hyped for Battlefield 3 a LOT!

tdogchristy902804d ago

Same here, battlefield 3 looks great. The only thing keeping me remotely interested in cod is the curiosity to finish the current mw story arch.

BattleAxe2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Yeah, it has a story, I guess you've never played CoD4 or MW2.

@ tdogchristy90,

Unfortunately From the rumors about MW3, they're doing a prequil that has something to do with Ghost. If they don't continue the story from the end of MW2, then its a no buy for me. I want to know what happens to Soap and Captain Price.

tdogchristy902804d ago


Exactly, all we know now is that they're in a safe house. I'm more of a story gamer, multiplayer has always been an add on for me.

frostypants2804d ago

I won't lie. I'll buy the next CoD. So will most people here. It's like a drug habit: you hate yourself for it, but you'll do it, and even enjoy it on some level.

Also, some people seem to just write off CoD games due to some irrational feelings towards what happened with those Infinity Ward guys. It's kind of dumb to let internal politics that are none of our business impact our opinions of a game. If these guys can make a good CoD game, then so be it.

But yeah, BF3 is the top of the "buy" list for me. I still have concerns over whether or not the mainstream console audience is ready for a traditional BF game, but I'm excited for it and will probably buy both the PC and console versions.

thisisxbox2804d ago

Yeah - well said haha... I'll always buy CoD Games, and I should imagine for as long as my friends list has them, I'll always jump in...

I never do the Prestige or Ltd Editions though, unless it has something for in-game use rather than an over-priced cheap toy!

disturbing_flame2804d ago

i am also wondering what the ex Infinity Ward that joined EA will do.

It could be very surprising.

thisisxbox2804d ago

I did contact them recently, and their Community Manager is called Abbie, she's added me to the press list when something is about to get announced...

Kingdom Come2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I hate the Call of Duty franchise, and I'm not afraid to say it. It's a heap of recycled trash year after year, undeserving of it's sales and reviews. I haven't purchased a COD game since 4 and won't do until something innivotive occurs. The franchise has made hundreds of millions, yet Activision and Co are too stingy to even create a new engine and add a heap load of new gameplay mechanics. What I don't understand is why people who play Call of Duty soley for the multiplayer purchase each new title when essentially they're paying for a map-pack and to have their rank reset...

Off topic: Today's my first N4G Anniversary :P ONE YEAR ON N4G TODAY!

waterboy2804d ago

if the sales are undeserving then that really makes battlefield look bad

Ace_19752804d ago

I am looking forward to MW3, I laugh at all the people writing it off who haven't even seen one picture of it yet. Go play your average FPS like Killzone 3 and the laggy Crysis 2. And pretend you are playing premier FPS games. Both can't even manage 90% on metacritic. MW3 will outsell all FPS this year combined, including Battlefield 3. COD4 has never been surpassed by any console FPS, the core gameplay of the series is still unmatached which is why the series is the best selling on any console to date.

Keep crying, most people will buy MW3 and enjoy it.

waterboy2804d ago

exactly the cod haters are here to stay though shame all the cod players dont show up on these sites

Kingdom Come2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

OK, you enjoy your recycled Call of Duty 4. We'll be too busy playing the games that have had time and effort put into them... Sure, COD might sell more, but it wouldn't be deserving of its sales, go go join the rest of your herd of sheep idolising the cow that can be milked more than any other.

Oh and as for your statement that Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 are the "average shooters", can you tell me anything that COD's done thats innovative since Call of Duty 4? No, I didn't think so...

And as for the Crysis 2 lag comment, mines fine so maybe you should look at changing your Broadband provider.

Senden2804d ago

Just because MW3 will outsell all fps games (based on the brand name alone) it doesn't make it a better game. Will most people enjoy it? Sure but most people are fickle sheep who feel justified in paying more than average retail price for the same recycled COD4 each year.

Still good luck with your overpriced reskinned game, I on the other hand will be supporting and thoroughly enjoying an FPS that not only looks incredible graphically but a true successor and worthy of being called a sequel to a respected gaming series.

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