MSXbox - Yoostar2 Review

MSXbox - As a concept, Yoostar 2 is amazing. As a game, it fails miserably. The things it promised it simply cannot live up to, and a lot of people will be left truly disappointed. If you can get over the shoddy quality, look past the clunky interface, and get a few patient mates around to have some drunken shots at mini stardom, then there is a bit of fun to be had with Yoostar 2. But even then it will prove very short, and very limited, and chances are you won't look twice at it again.

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WitWolfy2751d ago

And thats why the Kinect is a over priced POS. Cant even deliver like its supposed to

PandaJenkins2751d ago

Pretty sure it is on the PS3 too dude.

WitWolfy2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

My point exactly dude. The normal PS eye gives out the EXACT same image quality as the Kinect. Dont you find that odd, Seeing that its supposed to be so revolutionary? Saw some Youtube clips of the game, and the performance of the Kinect is laughable at best.

Doesnt even cut the people out like it should, reminds me of the game "your in the movies". Where a normal webcam had the EXACT same results as what Kinect has to this game (captures part of the background poor refresh rate ect ect. Not to mention the sound quality looking all crappy. Im so glad I decided not to get this device was such a over hype POS!

Just my 2c

2751d ago