Original Gamer Review - Dreamcast Collection

Original Gamer: "One of my biggest videogame regrets was selling my Dreamcast; to this day I miss playing Power Stone and Wacky Races. Sega recently released Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi onto Xbox Live Arcade for ten dollars each. The Dreamcast Collection contains those two games, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing for $30. Does the Dreamcast Collection bring back fond memories, or should these games have stayed in the vault?"

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fossilfern2778d ago

All together this was a wasted opportunity

sonicsidewinder2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The only games i care about there are Sonic and Crazy Taxi.
I've already got sonic on the cube, and THAT so called 'Crazy Taxi' don't have Offspring music on it.

No sale.