The 50 Best Sega Dreamcast Games

It may seem like it was eons ago, but there was once a time when Sega went head to head with Nintendo in the war for console supremacy. The house that Sonic built was notable for invading living rooms with their Master System, Genesis, Game Gear etc. Things started to turn south for the company, which led to them entering the sole route of game development. But Sega’s swan song system, the Dreamcast, may just be one of the most underrated consoles ever. Its catalog of games made the decision to hold onto the console an easy one.

Relientk774043d ago

I love Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2 on the Dreamcast. 2 amazing RPGs

Dark_Overlord4042d ago

50 pages to click through? No thanks :/


Retro classics and retro-inspired indie games are on sale at Humble Store

Right now you can save big on retro classics and retro-inspired indie hits. It’s all part of Humble Store’s Retro Paradise Sale, which is running for the next week.

Some of the top deals include Sonic Mania for $6.79, Cuphead for $16.99, Dreamcast Collection for $7.49, Mega Man Legacy Collection for $5.99, and Hotline Miami for $1.99.

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Charged Shot Gamescast 9: SEGA Dreamcast - Charged Shot

The whole crew is out except for Thomas and Lo so they were free to take over the podcast and talk about SEGA for most of the gamescast. Thomas runs into some problems with Amazon Same-Day Delivery and started playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Einhander19712382d ago

Dreamcast underrated gem still have mine, play STURMWIND absolutely stunning 2D shooter. In the right hands the dreamcast is a beast.

ThomasRiess2381d ago

I've never heard of Strumwind I'll have to check that out see what it's like.

Artemidorus2382d ago

Still got mine in good condition

Einhander19712382d ago

For me personally would like to see Microsoft drop out of console development and Sega come back as one of the big three. Nintendo, Sega, Sony, would be expensive but would guarantee I would own all three each GEN!! LOL.

Jayszen2382d ago

If I have one wish at present it is that there is a genuine successor to the Dreamcast, made by SEGA. In fact, if they could just update a version of the original Dreamcast with modern tech and wi-fi, etc. and ensure the graphics were at a PS4 level and then gave up modern day versions of all the IPs Sega had at the time, I would never leave my home and would be playing on Dreamcast 4 for 16 hours a day. I know this will never happen and thankfully, in addition to the PS4 Pro and the Switch, I still have all my Dreamcast consoles and games to enjoy till I just die from overgaming...

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Why the Dreamcast is Still Relevant

BNR: If you know me, you might know that I'm a big fan of the Sega Dreamcast- I don't remember what I was doing when it came out seeing as I was five years old and had more pressing matters on my mind, but no matter- I came to appreciate the ahead-of-its-time brilliance that was the Dreamcast when I grew older. Today (the date system on our site's broken but this article went live on September 9, 2015) marks the 16th anniversary of the US launch of the Sega Dreamcast- it was a unique machine that was home to some awesome games- in memory of it is the latest episode of the Blackman 'N Robin Irregular Game Show, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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stonecold32946d ago

i loved dreamcast still got mine today