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VGW's Brian Shea: "Mass Effect 2 was easily my pick for Game of the Year 2010. The game took everything that was done wrong in the first entry and made it right and took everything that was done right and made it better. The game set the bar for what an action RPG should be at that point in time, but one year later, how does the beloved BioWare title hold up on the second playthrough? We’ll tackle this and more as we go ahead and play it again."

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dagamdagee2754d ago

Well, I wish I felt the same way about this game as Brian does. I couldn't help but feel as though I was more strung along in this game rather than making my own decisions. However, the combat was rock solid, and some of my favorite sequences happened against the swarm.

BShea2754d ago

Yes, there are definitely a series of events that must take place, but the final battle and the amount of events that can occur during it is absolutely brilliantly executed.