Diehard GameFAN: Mass Effect 2: The Arrival Review

”Enjoyable” really sums up Arrival as an expansion, actually. While it’s fun for what it is, and it adds some interesting and notable plot points into the game that ties up the link between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Arrival doesn’t do anything to make it a great investment on its own. The storyline of the missions is generally good and adds in some worthwhile elements that are worth checking out for those who find the storyline of the series interesting, and the game looks and sounds perfectly fine all around. The expansion has a couple of neat gameplay bits in the first half that, assuming you don’t completely blow through them, are fun, and it adds in some additional upgrades and Achievements to unlock for those who care. However, the missions can be run through in about an hour and change. While they add in some notable plot points, they add nothing of substance to the main game, nor do they offer any sort of gameplay elements that are so great as to justify the asking price. It’s not that Arrival is bad, mind you; it just doesn’t make a compelling argument to be purchased unless you’re a completionist or a big fan of the Mass Effect universe.

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