Best Weapons of All Time

From shotguns to rockets, chainsaws to weapons that fire right through walls, weapons are what make gaming fun. You can have the greatest game out there, but if the weapons sound weak and don't pack much punch, you've lost something in the interface between the gamer and the world you're trying to immerse him into. It's vital for a hard-hitting action game to have appropriately powerful guns, but it's also important to have weapons that are fun to wield, require in-depth strategy to use, and don't look and act like the same old thing from every other game. is counting down thier list of the top 50 video game weapons of all time.

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ObiWanShinobi4026d ago

This list is awful..4x1 Tetris block #1?! Come on!

Cat4026d ago

nothing from Ratchet?? a franchise all about the weapons?? the R.Y.N.O. anyone???

nobizlikesnowbiz4025d ago

There were some cool ones in the list. But mine would have been different.

Gravity Gun = #1

otherZinc4025d ago

In the top ten should be, this in no particular order:

Gravity Gun-HALF-LIFE

The Dragan Sword-Ninja Gaiden

Sticky Bomb-Plasma Grenade: HALO

Brutes Hammer- HALO 3

Xi4025d ago

also, laptop gun should be in top 10.

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The story is too old to be commented.