New Fallout: New Vegas DLC coming in May

The newest issue of PlayStation Magazine has a preview of next month's Qore PSN online mag, which says that it will feature information on Old World Blues add-on for Fallout: New Vegas. The subtitle for the preview says "Are you the scientist or the guinea pig?"

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kvg882778d ago

Hopefully its better than Dead Money was!

I enjoyed New Vegas, but it seems that Fallout 3 could hold my attention longer.

Ausir2777d ago

Well, I liked New Vegas much more than Fallout 3, and Dead Money was a lot better than all Fallout 3 DLC together for me.

04soldier2777d ago

No interest in this dlc at all. Fallout 3 was miles better than this game. I just have no connection
to the characters.

will_c_752777d ago

They should really fix this game before they dole out dlc, I really thought dragon age was buggy, until I played this.This is why it is now 20 bucks.

NYC_Gamer2777d ago

fallout 3 isn't even fully fixed