Creator of Madden sues EA (new details )

The man who created the first version of the uber-successful “Madden NFL Football” video game is suing Electronic Arts over tens of millions of dollars. details

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-Alpha2755d ago

I hope this leads to a proper 2K game!

Thepro3182755d ago

maybe but this guy waited way to long to decide to sue now.I hope he get a biase judge to rule in his favor.

MostJadedGamer2755d ago

If you had even bothered to read the interview you would have know that he is seeking a jury trial.

Demonsdown2755d ago

If he's been in negotiations with them for years he could probably get a "EA did not negotiate in good faith ruling" doubt he will get all profits though. Likely royalties + damages + EA spanking if he wins.

Jamegohanssj52755d ago

I am sure John Madden's dad is dead.


the_union_of_PS3602755d ago

if 2k can't make an NFL game they should either pick up the UFL license or make a new ncaa football game

DasTier2755d ago

Honestly all this love for 2k makes no sense, I can't understand that if they made such a good football game why don't they still? They obivously did something wrong as ive read they were behind the sales of madden and they sold their game at a lower price. It just seems like people want to hate on a popular thing (Madden series) and have created some godly image of 2knfl in their heads, I bought 2k5 recently and they only thing that seemed cool was the 1st person mode. Besides that the love of 2k5 eludes me :(

dktxx22755d ago

That game was and still is 10 times better than anything Madden has ever pushed out. They sold it cheaper because they thought it would sell more, and thus get their series recognized.

And people buy Madden because of the name, not because its a good game. That's why it outsold 2k, nothing more.

eagles19902755d ago

10 times better than anything madden ever put out? That's just laughable.

2K5 was average at best. Madden 05 was way better than 2K5. Hit Stick > First Person Football (What a stupid idea)

Elven62755d ago

They can't make any more NFL games because EA has an exclusivity license which means they are the only ones that can develop games with the NFL license.

They tried making a different type of Football game with All Pro Football 2K8 but it wasn't received that well by the audience since they wanted to play with real/current teams. The development costs were pretty high too since 2K had to individually sign on all of those retired players.

LoneWanderer092755d ago

I haven't played a good NFL game in a long time

blackhammer2755d ago

I do desire a tear in EA Sports big anus. But for some reason I think the dude waited some while to file suit so he can get some serious bang for their buck.

Yes... football games haven't been the same since the last 2K game with NFL in it.