Made For the 3DS - Author Dali Dimovski examines what games would be great and welcome ports if they were remade for the Nintendo 3DS. Included: Portal, SSX 3, and Eternal Darkness, among others.

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Alexrubens2753d ago

I want Portal on 3DS. This gave me a nerd boner.

kyl2772753d ago

A portal in 3D would be really weird but really cool. No doubt some game will have a portal to take advantage of the effect.

Jio2753d ago

A nerd boner is a very serious medical problem. I would have that checked by a doctor right away.

the_best_player2753d ago

3DS only has 128MB of ram lol

Jio2752d ago

Wii only has 88MB of ram

UP2753d ago

i thought ports were bad.

Otheros002753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Apparently ports for anything other than the 3ds is bad. When people say they want ports on the ngp they lots of hate but, when people say they want a port for the 3ds they get lots of praise. I hate those kinds of people.

gamerben2753d ago

I'm not liking the whole port frenzy on the 3DS (Street Figher IV 3D?) but I agree with this list. All these games would be FANTASTIC in 3D.

Arnon2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Ever think maybe it's because the NGP is rumored for a $350 pricepoint for the best model, which not only means it costs more than a PS3, but we already know it's not as powerful.


Ports for a $350 handheld is stupid.