Microsoft Rumored to Roll Out Silverlight for the Xbox 360

Word on the street has it that Microsoft will be introducing Silverlight for the Xbox 360, so those who are interested might want to keep tabs on the company’s plans over at the MIX11 conference that will be happening next week in Las Vegas. I

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TotalPS3Fanboy2780d ago

Silverlight is what Microsoft will focus on.

Nolando2780d ago

not to sound unimformed or anyhting but what is WPF?

darthv722780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

silverlight has been available to the 360 since netflix. That is the whole backbone of the service on the 360. In fact, I believe it is silverlight that is used in the zune marketplace for their hd streaming as well as all those little vids like major's minute and what not.

edit @chubby, i believe WPF is windows presentation foundation.

the_best_player2780d ago

Some Exclusive games would be a good start, only got Gears 3 this year as a big game.

kaveti66162780d ago

if all you care about is exclusives, then you're the one who is gonna be left feeling disappointed.

Fallouts2780d ago

you can not be the best player if all you play is exclusives..

AAACE52780d ago

I agree that MS does need some exclusives, but most people make it seem like exclusives make or break a console!

Ps1 and 2 were great because they had the most games available! Not how many exclusives it had. Wii is doing good because of the same reason. Nintendo is the only console maker who's exclusives generally always sell high numbers while other games make little impact!

The Dreamcast tried to mainly focus on exclusives and didn't try to get other games like Madden on the platform. That was our main example that exclusives can't save a console.

Like it or not, there are some talented third party developers out there who make some of the best games that millions of people want to play!

Why waste money trying to build exclusives with unestablished developers. MS dumped so much money into exclusives for the Xbox 1 and the early years on the 360 only to produce a few decent games.

You can see it with every console. There will be 10 games announced as exclusives. Yet only 3 of them will really do well at retail! Then the delusional fanboys will still try to hype the game up because they have spent the last 2 years believing the game will be great, and they refuse to accept that it's not!

No matter how much marketing is put into it(MS), or How great the graphics are(Sony), or how familiar people are with your franchises(Nintendo)... If people stop talking about a game shortly after it's release... it just wasn't that interesting to begin with!

Chaos692780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I just beat Dragon Age: Origins, I still have yet to beat Awakening, ME2, RedDead, Final Fantasy XIII, DA2... Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Brink... so really I could care less about exclusives at this point.

FailOverHero2780d ago

Maybe its just me but I'd say another installment of the the ONLY AAA scoring racing game franchise this gen is pretty big. Forza 4 may not be a shooter but with more sales than Uncharted 2(oh yeah) I'd say it is definately up there with the most anticipated titles of this year

2780d ago
newhumanbreed2780d ago


Ummm both? I have both a 360 and PS3, and don't have to worry. Multi-platforms usually play better on a 360, and well PS3 has a huge line up of exclusives, but almost all multi-platform games are developed on the 360. You should probably stop being a fanboy and open your eyes...

Arnon2779d ago

...Huh? Is there some major difference between exclusive and multiplatform games to the point where I'll have a different experience simply because it's only available on one console?

I'd rather take:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Battlefield 3
Batman: Arkham City
Duke Nukem Forever
Portal 2
Mortal Kombat
Space Marine

Thanks. Luckily, I own everything, so I wont miss out. Doesn't really change the fact that multiplatform games have been the biggest and highest scoring titles this gen.

Kushan2779d ago

You're all arguing about the same stuff that gets argued day in and day out on this site, when the article has absolutely nothing to do with it. You're all either trolls or feeding the trolls.

Rainstorm812779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Im sorry are you guys delusional??

Exclusives give your console identity, how far would ninty have gotten without the Usual suspects; Mario, Link, DK, Kirby...etc

Even the 360 and PS3, i mean Master Chief is probably more recognizable than HALF of PS3 exclusive characters.

Multiplats are great, but they cant define your consoles gaming style, especially if you have both the 360 and PS3 like myself or all 3.

I agree but i think it gets brought up because people will defend a console for not having a good exclusive line-up. When in reality the 360 went from most exclusives, to most timed exclusives to an apparent lack of exclusives. i know ive had 3 xbox360 since launch.

Imo the best thing about exclusives are that each consoles exclusive games differ from the competitor consoles, the more exclusives the more kinds of games....i would think all the Forza supporters would get this its GT main competition, not NFS.

There is so much fail in your statement i dont know where to start, is it that U2 "scored" higher than Forza or GT5 out "sold" Forza 2 & 3 combined that makes you lose sleep? Scores or Sales? take your pick...

MeNoRasta2779d ago


Ps3 needs new servers before you can talk about games.

Aloren2779d ago

@Raiinstorm81: GT5 didn't outsell Forza 2 and 3 combined though. Forza 3 is close to 5 million, it's not GT5, but that's still a huge success.

antz11042779d ago

Who cares about exclusives, seriously? Sure Gears 3 is going to own but all the multiplats coming out are awesome as well:

- Red Faction: Armageddon
- Brink
- Portal 2
- Batman: Arkham City
and the list continues

So at Apophis yeah, I will be content, have fun at being ignorant.

YodaCracker2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )


So are you implying that Forza Motorsport, the highest rated racing series of this gen, and multiple time 4 million+ seller isn't a big exclusive game?

the_best_player2779d ago

Multi platform games are on PS3 to you know LOL!
Exclusives push the hardware and are much better quality in all areas.

It's a sad year to be a 360 owner.
M$ spams/pays more on ads than exclusive games.


Arnon2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )


I'm betting Battlefield 3 and TES V are pushing way more than Uncharted 3 by this point. The minute I saw that preview for the game where Drake and Sully are in the alleyway, I already saw aging, mainly in the environments.

Character models still look great though, but after playing certain VALVe titles on the PC, they're no better than the character models that they produce.

Sorry, but I'm betting the big titles of this year are going to be multiplatform.

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zeal0us2779d ago

Maybe bring a browser to the 360. Sure the 360 can live without one but man look at the other consoles. Even the wii got a browsers and its hardware is weaker than the 360.

rlm412779d ago

More applications (Youtube etc.) > Browser

zeal0us2779d ago

Forgot about more ads maybe lol whats screwed up is evening having xbl gold and you still see some advertisements.

YodaCracker2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Obviously having a browser has nothing to do with the strength of the hardware. Microsoft could easily incorporate Internet Explorer into the Xbox LIVE service, but there is no reason to. I'm sure it would be at the bottom of most people's wishlist for new features.

Raven_Nomad2780d ago

Sounds very interesting, would be a great way to get developers to do console/P.C. connection.

Shok2780d ago

Good to hear that they're doing something that's not Kinect-related.

DrHouse2780d ago

Sounds like the precurser to an internet browser.

kneon2779d ago

I don't think so, this is just so they can pull apps from Windows Phone 7 onto the XBox. I'm surprised it wasn't ready when Windows Phone 7 launched.

IHateYouFanboys2779d ago

like someone said, Silverlight has been on the 360 for months. Zune, Netflix, etc all run on silverlight.

im looking forward to some more Windows Phone 7/Xbox 360 cross compatibility though.

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