What you didn't spot in that Brink "abilities" trailer

Playr writes - If you've watched the new gameplay video for Brink released today you'll have seen a bunch of cool abilities demonstrated, like hacking an enemy turret and reviving yourself. But what you might not have noticed is the ton of info contained in those very brief glimpses of the game's menus. Well, fear not, we've been through it frame by frame and below we've detailed what there is to learn from them. And it's a lot!

Ok, some of this may have been released already, so apologies for any repetiton. But we're pretty sure a lot of this is new. So here goes.

4 classes were demoed Solider, Operative, Medic & Engineer.

Judging by the layout of the menu screen where you buy abilities, there are 12 abilities to unlock per class.

Below we've listed all the abilities and their descriptions glimpsed on the menus...

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ddurand12806d ago

this game looks real interesting. gonna be a tough decision between this and socom.

NoOoB1012806d ago

they are a month apart though so get both =]

GamerSciz2806d ago

Socom 4 beta was so-so. Unless they give me back shoulder switch I don't see myself purchasing it honestly. Not to mention there's no squads in MP which would be a nice addition considering it is so difficult (even being in the same clan) to join my friend since games were always full and there's no server browser.

Silver_Faux2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

i heard there will be in the full version.

Squads that is.

Also brink looks awesome

GamerSciz2806d ago

Yes Brink looks like a mixture of Mirrors Edge, Team Fortress 2, and ironically reminds me a bit of KZ3 as far as setting goes.

DA_SHREDDER2806d ago

Im gettin neither. Socom is a definite no go, and this game looks alright, but not better than anything im already playin. Next.

GamerSciz2806d ago

If you don't care for either game then why do you feel so necessary to post it and tell us you don't want either.

MidnytRain2806d ago


The manipulation of boredom, lol.

telekineticmantis2806d ago

... I wish they could push up the release that.

DelbertGrady2806d ago

Brink is day 1 for me. Big FPS year.

Homefront - Portal 2 - Brink - Rage - Battlefield 3. In that order. And probably getting Duke Nukem as well.

I feel sorry for the devs. Lots of great games will be forgotten because there's too many coming out this year. Brink and L.A Noir release on the same day in May, which also holds:
Fear 3
Dirt 3
Red Faction: Armageddon
Dungeon Siege 3
Hunted: The Demon's Forge
Virtua Tennis 4.

Since when was May this crowded? It's not even considered a gaming month. How crazy will the holidays be if May is like this?

DlocDaBudSmoka2806d ago

Im glad May is packed. its my birth month, and ive never seen this many games releasing in May. So happy bday to me and many other May gamer babies.

Raven_Nomad2806d ago

This game doesn't look too interesting to me personally. Very cartoonish in it's presentation. So I doubt I pick this up with so many other solid games due for this year.

InTheKnow2806d ago

The game play looks ok but what happened to the great lighting and graphics overall. When you keep showing fancy PC footage then have to show the REAL graphics a month before release it's not good. Remember this footage?

With Rage using the same engine, you have to wonder if it's going to look like this as well. E3 will have hopefully REAL Rage console game play.

HOSe2806d ago

rage uses id tech 5. this uses id tech 4.

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