Operation Supply Drop’s CLAP TRAP: Friendly Care Package Incoming!

"Everyone is still a little groggy from this weekend’s “Founder’s Day” celebration, our 24 hour video game marathon. Before I sat down Saturday morning to seriously get my game on, I got the final piece for our third care package delivered, so I hastily zipped over to the post office to get it in the mail."- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2806d ago

There's number three on it's way down range!

TheStonedSheep2806d ago

Damn, those PC game bundles look pretty sweet. These guys are lucky you found them.

Skyliner122806d ago

Geez, sweet care package! I can't wait to see the result pictures. They're always my favorite part. :)

PureDarkness2806d ago

It's so nice to know these guys have a little light relief.

AmigoSniped2806d ago

Another great care package. However this next one looks to be killer

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