Stop Covering Anonymous, Leave them be

I have seen about a dozen opinion articles in the past day or two criticizing the logic behind Anonymous' actions, and questioning their motives. It should be obvious that they are some deprived children craving for attention, yet, the press continues to cover them. By now, they have heard the gaming community cry out that we are the ones actually being effected by their actions, and they don't seem to care. In fact, it boosts their ego, reinforces their attempts to get attention, and they continue to deliver more content.

Their name is anonymous. It could be anyone. We are not in the right to assume that their motives are noble, and that they actually care whose lives they ruin; after all, what do you learn a skill like hacking to achieve in the first place?

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NYC_Gamer2780d ago

web sites cover any story that is hot and will bring hits

Butt0n_m4sher2780d ago

The power of the press should be used for better things. For example, if I wanted more hits on this, I would attach a picture of that "V for Ventetta" mask... but I am trying to prove a point here

Dark3602780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


Thesonygeniuses2780d ago

The hackers got their panties in a bunch becauae someone is not afraid to go up against them. It seems like this shit will go on forever. Hackers find the missng loop, spread to the whole world about tje exploit to hack, sony fixes their loop hole. Then hackers will find another....etc etc. Hackers just need to let this go.