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When it comes to production values, Top Spin 4 is a very ambivalent game: sometimes it looks great (on the court itself), with human like motions (both by the players and the audience) and good audio effects.

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Neko_Mega2781d ago

This person shouldn't do reviews, K2?? I mean how can you get it work when you have the picture of the game.

Neko_Mega2781d ago

Lame person disagree, sorry person but go to the link and see how pointless the review is and how this person spelled 2k as "K2".

Ju2781d ago

Exactly what I was looking for. Some actually talking about the move in a review...and a reason why I won't get this game. Come on 2K, add "real" move controls and I'm all in. That is, spin type based on angle of controller, same for hit direction, remove Navcon and use position in 3D space. You know, like a real Tennis game...