New Balls Please: Where Are The PS4/XB1 Tennis Games?

Hayden Waugh writes: "Sport. The word divides some and unites others. Lately, sports games have struggled in maintaining my attention for more than a couple of hours. My Xbox 360 was a hub of FIFA, Top Spin and Madden enjoyment. But no matter how many fancy tweaks developers made to ball flight, team management and impact engines, each new iteration suffered from the same thing; beyond a roster update, it was the same game.

As a tennis fan, my beloved sport has had no attention in games since the late-2000s. I would love to see some brave developer, and an equally brave publisher, take a punt and make a tennis game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC."

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urwifeminder2292d ago

Certainly miss the MSN based games from xbox original golf to NFL I enjoyed them as well as the tennis games .

abstractel2292d ago

I want a new-gen Tennis game asap. EA made a half-assed attempt last gen but if they could put a bit more resources into a new one I feel their first one did some things right, but also plenty not enough. Top Spin series was good but no tennis game yet has been great IMO. If only they'd let me design one...

Perjoss2292d ago

Screw tennis. Windjammers reboot!

prodg522291d ago

Sony could use the same character design from their Hotshots golf game and incorporate them into a tennis game. I like fun pick-up-and-play games like that.