Tritton AX Pro Gaming Headset Review

GOS: "There are many things to take into account when reviewing a headset. . Before I begin, please note that no words can ever replicate the experience you get when you try them out for yourself. If you’re someone who wants to be truly immersed in a video game, then you absolutely need a quality gaming headset. There are many headsets on the market today, but here is one that I believe are exceptional.

In this review, I will be going over its Features, Sound Quality, Build Quality/Design, Availability, as well as concluding my final opinion."

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RonaldRaygun2756d ago

I've been using Tritton Pros for years. They're great headsets, but the microphone piece is way too fragile. I've had it break twice so far.

LOGICWINS2756d ago

Great Headsets, I've been using them for two years now. The only downside is that they could be hard to adjust to get the best sound once you get them out of the box.

Omegabalmung2756d ago

Thinking about picking these up. I currently own a Turtle Beach DPX21 which i'm on my second pair and is now starting to break down.

Might pick me up tritton headset in a few months.

BlackTar1872756d ago

I own these and other then the stupid cords i love them.

Quisp2756d ago

Yeah, the cords are an annoyance, but, its the best headset Ive had thus far.

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