GoldenEye 007 - New List Price and Sale!

"GoldenEye 007 was released on November 2, 2010 as an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii. The game released with two versions: a standard software only version with a MSRP of $49.99, and a Golden Classic Controller Pro bundle with a MSRP of $69.99. Well, it appears one online retailer has jumped the gun, and already lowered GoldenEye 007's "List Price" for the software version only.", says CoffeewithGames.

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CoffeewithChess2753d ago

The current sale price is a great grab if you've been interested in the game...even for just the single-player campaign.

rumplstilts2752d ago

You wouldn't happen to know what the sales were for Goldeneye. Even though I despise Activision, it is a Wii exclusive shooter and I hope it performed well.

CoffeewithChess2752d ago

I don't know, but I did a quick search for it. I didn't see anywhere that Activision has stated the sales, other than the generic, "We're pleased", type statement from the developer.