TechtimeNOW Review - Shift 2: Unleashed

I will admit though that coming into this experience, I loathed racing games. While its true essence appeals mainly to the niche of racing game fans, there is enough here to keep a casual crowd entertained in the thrill of the experience. The gritty realism thrusts you into the driver's seat and then out of it again when you make a mistake and end up backwards against the barrier collecting your thoughts and pulling them out of the daze that is the Helmet Cam.

My train of thought was always that racing games catered to a demographic that fell somewhere in between the Dale Earnhardt Fan Club and 15-year-olds who hadn’t gotten their licenses yet. Coming from a background of casual games that involved driving instead of ones that featured it—think Twisted Metal—I always held the judgment that they would never be for me. Shift 2: Unleashed proved me wrong.

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