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Dustin Hill from Ream of Gaming states, "Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite is a very unique game with personality to spare and more content than most sandbox games. Based around epic boss battles, Monster Hunter’s graphics are quite good for a PSP title and controls are responsive, which is good since the monsters you’ll be fighting really do want to eat you."

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rezzah2751d ago

Wow this may be the highest MH score i've ever seen... And I've been playing it since the release of MH for the PS2...

btw Im not trolling the article, the history of MH in the western world was never well received compared to Japan.

adlt2751d ago

I just need MH for the PS3, Portable 3 over Ad Hoc Party just isn't cutting it anymore :/

rezzah2751d ago

I still miss the MH days on the PS2, especially online mode.

Skullomania2751d ago

I hope this game get's a US and a European release date announcement in a few days. This is an impressive score for an MH game.