PlayStation Plus: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Members

By Kristine Steimer: "Submit to the addictiveness of Monster Hunter with MH: Freedom Unite, free for PlayStation Plus members starting Tuesday, 3/25. Take down bizarre creatures and loot their bodies for crafting components so you can make more powerful weapons to take down bigger, badder monsters"

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FunAndGun1731d ago

Stinks that it is a PSP game, but we got other Vita games this month also, so can't complain.

Patrick_pk441731d ago

At least we have the option to play it on the Vita. The month was great for Vita titles.

FunAndGun1731d ago

I definitely agree. Those PS3/Vita cross-'buy' games were nice!

pivotplease1731d ago

Thomas Was Alone was great. Haven't tried Unit 13 yet. Still have to go back to killzone that I got from that 9 dollar sale.

jonatan2211730d ago

Unit 13 is great! I really enjoyed it, satisfies my TPS and KZ satisfies my FPS.

abzdine1730d ago

good way to try out this series i never approached it before.

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pivotplease1731d ago

So excited. Was close to getting this for 20 dollars but held off. I wish nintendo didn't strike that exclusive deal with capcom. MH could have been more impressive on the vita hardware.

pivotplease1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Disagree buddy. I full appreciate the 3DS. It has a great library. Doesn't change the fact that it's on the weak side in terms of hardware though.

Come on and reply you craven exclusive thief! Been playing MH since the PS2 original.

Death1731d ago


Take a look at both posters names. When this happens it's best to just stand back from a distance and watch. You never know what can happen next.

KonsoruMasuta1731d ago

Even if Nintendo didn't strike that deal, Capcom would have probably skipped anyways. Capcom's support for the it a has been horrible! Why couldn't the Vita get Resident Evil: Revelations? I'm still mad about that.

Tornado1730d ago

lol why are you replying to yourself...??

GuruMeditation1730d ago

Pro-Tip log out and log in to your sock puppet account b4 arguing with yourself ;)

OculusRift1730d ago

Guys, I think s/he was replying to the disagrees

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PurpHerbison1730d ago

Capcom goes to the lowest common denominator each time in terms of hardware for the MH series. It's cheaper that way. In fact they are still using the same engine from PS2. If it was on the Vita they would feel inclined to make a new engine. Just like what they tried to do when MH3 was announced for PS3 then taken away.

Craigatorian1730d ago

I really want to play Dark Cloud 2. So rare to find a copy these days, I hope Playstation Now can bring PS2 Classics like it.

FamilyGuy1730d ago

So not are you only replying to yourself but you're disagreeing with your own statement?
Wtf :/

GuruMeditation1730d ago

@GuruMeditation stop trolling you stupid sony fantard.

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Ripsta7th1731d ago

Yes! dual anaog stciks ftw

eddieistheillest1731d ago

*Sigh* still waiting for the April PS4 game of the month.

FunAndGun1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

The last Thursday of every month is when that update will be posted on the blog.

We will know on the 27th what the schedule is for April.


No problem, welcome to Playstation! :)

eddieistheillest1731d ago

Thanks ! Kinda new to Playstation .

FunAndGun1727d ago

...Well, It looks like it won't update today (27th) :)

You can check comment #14 as to why I thought it would be today.

eddieistheillest1727d ago

I was just thinking about this post earlier lol thanks

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