TechtimeNOW Review - Crysis 2 on PS3

Why other reviewers haven’t discussed the significant issues this game presents and the blanket of average that shrouds them is alarming to me. While many reactions to this game were full of nothing but praise, I’ve gone against the grain. I’m not going to waste time groveling in marvel because it’s what I’m told to. Maybe they’re worried about losing that big EA marketing dollar…I don’t know.

Just when you're warming up to the possibility that maybe something translated correctly is when the multiplayer shows its true face. Movement and hit detection are incredibly sporadic and inconsistent, made all the worse for wear with the awful host management system seemingly always picking the NetZero dial-up guy. Suit power drains far too quickly, almost negating the usage behind your abilities until you grind upgrades through play to make them minimally better. On top of the entire experience already skipping around like a stone, cue the game's patented flaccid graphic processing, mor...

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ksoto2806d ago

Finally someone that isnt a super fanboy and is telling how it is!!!!! These ppl on here are ridiculous to give this game such high marks.