Crysis 2 Ending - Ending - Set up for Crysis 3?

The ending of Crysis 2. What in it leads to details about a possible Crysis 3 besides it's obvious ending? What direction CryTek will take it in is all here.

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Blaze9293722d ago

not a bad ending. Now what was the point of this game again?

Xilef3721d ago

I think the point was to shoot aliens. I'm not sure though.

jjohan353720d ago

It's a great game. My only complaint (and it's not a major one) is the lack of variety of AI. I felt like there should be more variety of AI both within CELL and within Ceph.

trancefreak3720d ago

I wish the game allowed me to destroy buildings so I could blast threw them to make my own route. I thought crytek would allow for some more open freedom in this aspect.

Its just a mixture of both here and there.

Xilef3720d ago

It's completely rediculous that you can't drive over a lamppost or a bush in a park. In Crysis 1 you could almost destroy anything in the game world

Der_Kommandant3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I just finished Crysis 2 (excellent game by the way)

El-Fenemeno12133721d ago

what made it excellent? no hate or nothing. Just interested.

Der_Kommandant3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

It's incredibly polished

Stunning Visuals
Unique Gameplay
Good Sound
Amazing Soundtrack
Long Campaign

I completed the game around 9 hours in veteran.

BTW crysis 2 isn't your typical Rambo FPS, it's more tactical approach to Combat

Kingdom Come3721d ago

Well, first of all, it's original Gameplay (After all it is the most important aspect to a video game). The game is simply stunning and the game does a good job of balancing the Block-buster film like action sequences and moments of peace to allow you to simply soak in the sheer detail and artistic direction of the game. The genius that is Hans Zimmer wrote the theme to Crysis 2's soundtrack of which is simply breathtaking. The multiplayer is addictive and is very much a thinking mans FPS. The customisation allows you to truly play how you wish to (as well as the fantastic tagging system using the binoculars). The best FPS I have played in years...

Xilef3721d ago

How long did it take you to beat the game?
I finished it in 8 h 10 min and 59 seconds according to the game and I played it on Veteran

El-Fenemeno12133721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )


I capped around eight hours as well, but in SuperSoldier

@Kingdom Come

Cause I want to hear other people opinions. If you smell bull then you are too judgemental. Hit up my PSN Da_1_hated_tito. I'm 97% with the trophies. Still smells like bullshit?

Kingdom Come3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

@ Xilef

I completed the game in around 9-10 hours on Super Soldier Difficulty.

@ El-Fenemeno
If you've played the game, why do you need to ask why its amazing? I smell Bull.

B1663r3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

For me what made this game excellent was how the game lets you accomplish the missions different ways, yet manages to provide you with a challenge no matter how you do it.

Later in the game... Say the Central Station boss fight, you have to employ all the suit abilities to pass the level, and it provides a serious challenge. (Veteran mode)


I simply do not have the skills to do it on super soldier. Sniff...

El-Fenemeno12133721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )


Yea i liked that about it. I ended up going through almost every level stealthily. At that, the Ai needs some work.

I tried beating the last level using only stealth, but the last group of cephs screwed me up lol. I stealth killed one, and somehow alerted everyone XD

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Kingdom Come3721d ago

I think that the ending definately signals that the franchise is set to be a Trilogy. I think Cryteck are going to wait for the time being. I think for their full potential as developers to be appreciated by Console gamers, they need Next-Gen technology. That and they are currently working on the mysterious Codename Kingdoms of which I can not wait to find out more about...