AAA game Adrift now PS3 exclusive, published by Sony

SystemLink: "It seems Playstation users are getting very lucky this month. SystemLink exclusively revealed that God of War 4 had been listed on a resume only a week ago, and now it looks as if elusive title Adrift might join the PS3-only club."

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sinncross2753d ago

Well, here is something to look forward to at E3: I hope this game has an interesting concept :)

darthv722753d ago

is that the company developing the game or the designation of quality this title is being reported as? The way it was worded on that site somewhat confused me.

telekineticmantis2753d ago

by dev & publisher terms means big budget.

roadtrucker2753d ago

no aaa means critically acclaimed game not big budget

Lou-Cipher2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

you are right sir.

AAA is the designation of "The highest of Quality"

You cant have a 5 Star Restaurant until someone qualified has rated it a 5 Star Restaurant. AAA is also used with loans/credit ratings to identify outstanding marks. (as well as many other things)

A Game Developer cant rate his or her own game, but can imply that they are putting the budget/time/talent together that will help achieve the goal of AAA rated game.

A game has to be judged by qualified party/s to be considered AAA.

I_find_it_funny2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

AAA is big budget game, with tons of money spent on production, marketing, PR, etc..

it's NOT highly acclaimed game, Limbo was highly acclaimed game but it wasn't AAA, on the other hand Alan Wake was AAA but it wasn't highly acclaimed

Wenis2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Sorry, but AAA does not simply mean 'big budget'. AAA refers to the quality of the a product, in this case a game. Typically a 90+ rated game is considered AAA.
And like someone said above, a developer may say they are working on a AAA game if they feel it is going to be AAA quality. Of course every developer is going to say this though, because honestly no dev is going to say 'im working on a game that will probably only average about a 7/10'.

DeadlyFire2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

You people need to learn.

AAA = Good quality. 7-10 rated games. Gasp. Yes some of them are slashed by review sites, but still hold a very true quality to them.

AAA = any game that is using a big budget. Getting a solid platform release with confirmed named publisher and a secure solid development window. 2-3 years of development time minimum.

AAA can be tied to released and unreleased titles. Publishers rate games A, AA, AAA before they are ever released.

Strange_Evil2752d ago

"AAA" doesn't mean a 90+ product, get your facts right before posting. It's just the media and the stupid fanboys who have set that category. AAA actually refers to big budget titles which are marketed well and have public recognition... Usually take a long time in production

Why did Polyphony or Remedy call their project AAA even before releasing it? It's cause during olden days there were hardly any reviewers and games were deemed 'AAA' on the basis of budget...

Even before releasing lets say games like RAGE,Gears 3, GTA5, Uncharted 3, BF3 etc are all AAA titles irrespective of even 1 review not published since their production values are millions of dollar more than your usual titles. Reviews mean squat since those are PERSONAL OPINION and we don't have a common scale to judge games (eg Sports vs Action cannot be judged on the same scale) and people have different tastes.

darthv722752d ago

it makes you wonder who gives these ratings to the games if they are in production. I can see from one angle that if they claim to have a big budget game in the works...the "potential" of that game could be a AAA quality title.

But shouldnt it come out for that rating to be applied? Games and movies have similar parallels where by even a big budget movie with hype can still flop. It is the user turnout that determines if the movie (or game) is a success or not.

If your movie/game is able to recoup the $$ put into making it then it is graded on a scale by percentage of profit earned. Obviously the more $$$ it makes past its proposed budget the higher rating it 'should' get.

Truth be told there are plenty of stinkers that shouldnt have earned as much as they did and many that didnt get what they deserved.

Every developer wants to make a AAA game so they will likely say they are making a AAA game but if the consumers respond differently then it can drop to AA or even A status. It seems to all be opinion driven which is the review process in a nutshell.

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Rynx2753d ago

I am definitely intrigued

Istanbull2753d ago

Think about my wallet Sony...

Wenis2753d ago

I hate to break it to you but thats really all Sony thinks about. They are like every other company out there you know, with the main purpose of making money...

nycrekid2752d ago


And what is wrong with that again? Do you go to work and tell your boss don't worry about you pay and that you would do it for free? you guys constantly complaining need to get some perspective man. Hating on a company cause they are trying to make money is retarted. They are a publicly traded company, they HAVE to make money. They have a responsibility to do their shareholders!

DOMination2753d ago

Sony normally get things right when they publish big third party titles. Although I've not heard of this, if it really is an action rpg I look forward to hearing more about it. Maybe e3.

DrRichtofen2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Where does it say in the article that its an action rpg?

Edit: @ nightmarex121
thanks for that link

ATiElite2753d ago

Not disagreeing but they had one mistake publishing a third party title....

Who could ever forget......
"Giant Enemy Crab"....Genji: Days of the Blade.

But yeah for the most part Sony does it right.

Iroquois_Pliskin2753d ago

Wow who the hell is disagreing with you?


PlAAAystAAAtion is on roll.

showtimefolks2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

and 2012 could be even bigger

last guardian
sly 4
ff 13 versus
agent(if still in development and i do believe it is and we will see it at E3)
getaway 3
eight days both of these games were only put on hold to work on move stuff now we should see them soon

that's why we all agree MS should fund games and get the rights instead of paying for exclusive dlc and if you don't agree with that something is wrong with you

there are enough indi game devs out there for MS to fund a few even xblive games or have a few AAA games either way if MS is to stay in gaming industry it needs to develop its first and 2nd party studios/partnerships

DigitalRaptor2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Looks like those that disagreed with you have something wrong with them xD

But seriously, 2012 looks to be almost if not just as good as 2011 as far as exclusives go:

- Sly 4 is most probably on the cards.
- FF Versus XIII will probably be out by March 2012.
- Sony Santa Monica (new project)
- Quantic Dream (new project)
- Agent will be out in 2012.
- I really hope Sony bring back Eight Days and the Getaway 3. Some great opportunities there.
- Warhawk 2
- and now this...

E3 2011 should be packed of great announcements and info for the PlayStation brand. Couldn't be happier as a PlayStation gamer.

sikbeta2753d ago

This is freaking Great, wallet is dying, but heck, the more games to play, the better we enjoy Gaming

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NYC_Gamer2753d ago

any trailers for this game?

PhilipLarkin2753d ago

Was meant to be revealed around 2 years ago. My guess is they've had an issue with publishers, and Sony agreed to it on the basis it became PS3 only.

malandra2753d ago

how can it be AAA if there's almost no info about it?

anyway, exclusives are always welcome, in particular third party so all those analists can look even more stupid

CernaML2753d ago

Errm. AAA just means that it's going to have a big budget and probably a lot of time to develop it.

Cloudberry2753d ago

"While nothing is actually given away about the game, with a title such as 'Adrift' expect a water-focused, plot-heavy experience.

With Sony publishing, it's a good bet that new technologies like 3D and Move will also be included."



What kind of game is it?

Beefstew4u2753d ago

First person space marine shooter.

sickbird2753d ago

no its a ps3 exclusive not 360.

Lou-Cipher2753d ago

I hope not

We have enough shooters to last until the PS4 already.

kreate2753d ago


that's a good one

PhilipLarkin2753d ago

Heavy Rain crossed with Uncharted

DrRichtofen2753d ago

@ PhilipLarkin
That would probably be the most engrossing and epic game EVAR!

sickbird2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )


blakstarz2753d ago

I sure hope so...I would love another Heavy Rain type of game.

redDevil872753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

this is friggin great, even more games :D People keep saying that Sony will eventually run out of steam, but they keep going!