Shattered Horizon Gets Single Player Modes (with video)

Futuremark Games Studio today released a trailer showing the new features added to Shattered Horizon, the zero gravity first-person shooter for PC, with the game’s latest content expansion. With the Last Stand update all game modes can now be played in single player with and against bots. The update also adds the new Last Stand game mode which pits a team of four against waves of increasingly difficult bot enemies. The Last Stand game mode can be played offline with bots or in online co-op with friends. Like all Shattered Horizon content updates released to date, the Last Stand pack is free for all players.

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john22755d ago

Shattered Horizon is a great FPS game. It's sad it didn't attract more PC gamers :(

IaMs122755d ago

i agree, and im very much glad they are still supporting the game like this. I dont play it often but time to time i like to jump on. I just wish they would optimize the game a little more for some performance improvements.

-Superman-2755d ago

All PC gamers love this game but it needs very good PC to run...
I mean this game takes more hardware than Crysis and GTA 4