Homefront: What Happened?

Homefront. Wow... A lot comes to mind when you mention the game. The news has been filled with stories about it since before launch, and it continues through right to this moment. So, what's been going on here? Haven't had enough time to keep up with the madness? That's fine, we've done the homework for you in this to-the-point article underlining just what the hell's been happening on the Homefront.
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trainsinrdr2807d ago

it looks like the E is going to eat the F in the picture haha

Amphion2807d ago

What happened is it sold a million and it's a major success apparently...

Der_Kommandant2807d ago

one of the worst FPS games I've ever played

4 hours of my life wasted

soundslike2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Not nearly. Its a really good game....pushed out months earlier than it should have been by THQ. Because of that I sold the game, but it still is a good game underneath the bugs and withdrawn dedicated servers. I'll probably pick it up on PC sometime in the distant future

kreate2807d ago

well... sure the video showed some lame moments. but i saw stuff like that in other fps games.

i havent played the game yet. but its kind of hard to say the game sucks just by watching that one video.

bluegreenman2807d ago

the only reason people bought it was cause it looked similar to COD.. dont try to argue with me cause thats the truth. All my friends that play COD bought it in hopes of it being their new COD. I played at a friends house and left with vomit in my mouth. Just a poorly made game when you compare it to all the big hitters.

soundslike2807d ago

"all the people who want a new cod bought it because they wanted a new cod"

durp of the week

mightyboot2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

In my words Homefront is a: "wait for a huge price drop" the multiplayer in this game as alot of flaws that even CoD games dont have.

Homefront is just one of those CoD wannabes (in terms of huge sucess) that just fail because it doesnt have what it takes.

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The story is too old to be commented.