Kikizo: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review 9/10

If Forza Motorsport 2 offered ultimate substance with all its realism and tuning, then Project Gotham Racing 4 undoubtedly adds unprecedented style. This is possibly the most polished and complete arcade style racing game ever made - but is it significantly better than what you already got with Gotham 3? Bizarre Creations and Microsoft knew it would have to be, so Kikizo takes a detailed look at whether or not they've pulled it off.

Microsoft is going to have a hard time improving on PGR4 now that Bizarre will most likely not be continuing development of the franchise under the Activision roof. It may ultimately be 'more of the same', but it's simply not possible to improve in any major way we can think of, offline or online.

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check out some shot's for your self that I posted in this forum... enjoy (you can click on them to see them big)