CVG: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review 9.2/10

There's something about PGR that screams fun from the moment gamers yank that acceleration trigger and burn off the start line.

In fact, there are loads of things: the balance of realism and arcade forgiveness in the spot-on handling; the exhilarating sense of speed people can carry around bends; the notion of endless variety provided by the courses and, of course, the all-important Kudos system. PGR4 has it all.

Yes, it's safe to say that if gamers have even a remote thirst for speed they can't go wrong with PGR4. It's got fast cars, a billion courses (give or take) and the sweetest, most satisfying handling of any 'realistic' racer.

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Crazyglues4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

People here on the boards have seemed to diss the game all over the place.

I would say play it first, and since their is a free demo now up on XboxLive there is really no reason not to check it out for yourself first before you judge it.

The Only thing I didn't like about this one that I loved in PGR3 was the Garage feature, much more in 3. Not really a big deal in 4 but I would have like more because they keep me playing though PGR3 just to see new garages and fill them up with my cars.

However PGR4 is a much better racing game with the turns now being crystal clear on where you need to turn, and with rain, and snow the game really is amazing and a lot of fun, if you like racing games.

I"m loving it. Check out some more of my screens below.

DZNetworks4491d ago

Why people say Gran Turismo 5 is better looking than this is beyond me.

Crazyglues4491d ago

and the good times just keep rolling

Crazyglues4491d ago

Rolling, rolling, rolling....... LoL

power of Green 4491d ago

Agreed. Makes you think reviewers were punishing Bizzar for not being exclusive.

DZNetworks4491d ago

PGR4 IS an exclusive. Hence the Microsoft Game Studios logo at the beginning of the game.

power of Green 4491d ago

Talking about the buy out. Good looking out.

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