PSychic Gamers: Killzone 2 Review

PSychic Gamers' review for the hit 2009 first person shooter, Killzone 2.

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spektical2756d ago

So many things were removed from kz2 that were patched into it from kz3. It's a head scratcher.

Mario182756d ago

So many things were removed from your brain... It's an ass scratcher

Pacman3212756d ago

So many...
Oh forget it.

spektical2756d ago

huh? go take a look at killzone forums, alpha male has made a near complete list of items from kz2 MIA in kz3.

chidori6662756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

KZ3 actually has slightly worse graphics than KZ2 because it added the 3D crap feature. There was enough power for that, but NOT enough power to including Online Campaign Co-Op without sacrificing graphics.

Flashwave_UK2756d ago

lol u dont have HD 108p do you (with HDMi) i can say kz3 looks better but kz2 looks crispier but kz3 looks better [email protected]

Mr Tretton2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Barely anything was 'removed' (changed) from KZ2. (tighter turning, tighter reticule on single shot rifle. 2 things.)

And people are high if they think KZ2's graphics were better. The only flaw in KZ3 is the background has aliasing a bit more than it should at times, but techincally is using better AA than KZ2, which used the old method that blurred the screen and made it look lower res. KZ3 is also so much colorful in the right ways while keeping it KZ. So much more detail in the characters, more effects, more everything.

R8342756d ago

I know, but The_Stacked_Nerd only recently got Killzone 2 - in fact, he only recently got his Playstation - and wanted to review it for our site.

dangert122756d ago

With the release of kz3 kz2 has got more popular check the lobbies theres more people online on kz2 then there was when i got the game a year ago and if killzone 2 is still avalible how is it late? i looked at reviews for it last year a year and a few months after release

The_Stacked_Nerd2756d ago

Yeah - loads of people are always on. And it lets me move through the ranks quicker!

ChristianGamer2756d ago

Great game, it is a shame Black Ops has sold 4 times better than it on its exclusive platform in 4 times less the time, shocking, but true.
Lets blame it on the noobs right? Yeah, this game is noob-unfriendly. Thats the reason

TheColbertinator2756d ago


9/10 I didn't see this coming

The_Stacked_Nerd2756d ago

wanted to put 9.4-9.7 but R834 posted it...
Tis a good game - I am going to hopefully plat it next week...

BABY-JEDI2756d ago

KZ2 online > KZ3 online
KZ3 graphics > KZ2 graphics
KZ3 controls > KZ2 controls
KZ2 difficulty > KZ3
Anything else?

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