Folklore gets a 4/5 from Gamepro

The score is effectively an 8/10.

This is what the reviewer said :-

"Folklore also plays out in a fairly linear fashion, though the levels that you traverse are interesting. From the Hell Realm to the Faery Realm to the Undersea City, the locales are unique and wonderful. Despite the game's faults, I was drawn into the game for the same reasons that we are drawn into fairy tales--I wanted to see what was just around the next corner.

What saves this game from being just another monster collection RPG is the compelling narrative and the unique environments. I am also looking forward to the downloadable content which should help keep things fresh in the future. Although it isn't perfect, Folklore is definitely one fairy tale worth finishing."

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resistance1004490d ago

Can't wait to get started when its released on Friday [uk] ^_^

This is the game which will end halo3 online for me for a while

'This is Living'

RadientFlux4490d ago

Great time to be a multi-console gamer. I'll probably either give Fokelore a rent or purchase in a week from now. Still have to finish Metroid Prime 3.

resistance1004490d ago

yep the problem with multiplat gaming is however...

come 23rd November i don't know what to play first Mass Effect or HAZE as im extremly hyped up for both of them