Max Anarchy all characters trailer

Check out all characters intro from Platinum's newest action game Max Anarchy.

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sdtarm4708d ago

the game isnt looking so good for my tastes...

"sexy fist of fire" mhmm.. 4 sure?

I wonder how does Platinum Games managed to release a game yearly or in even less time?

CryWolf4707d ago

Just another button smasher game when are sega developers going to stop with these type of games that really doesn't sell at all.


Hideki Kamiya On Why He Left PlatinumGames, His YouTube Channel, and His Next Game

In a wide-ranging interview with IGN, game developer legend Hideki Kamiya reveals why he left Bayonetta maker PlatinumGames and what's next.

darthv7268d ago

Long shot here but with him out of the picture... MS could get PG to finish Scalebound. As it is, the project was shelved and Ms still had all the work they had done up to that point. HK's mismanagement of multiple projects is what caused MS to pull the plug, but I feel they still wanted to get it done at some point.

gold_drake66d ago

if MS hasnt picked it up yet,it will never return. it was cancelled in 2017. 6 years ago.

MS owns the IP, not PlatinumGames.

Cacabunga66d ago

I have been waiting for a new Vanquish for a long time!! I barely imagine how the result could be on PS5

isarai68d ago

Sounds like Tencent influence was something he wasn't down with.

Levii_9267d ago

Sorry,you have been blocked by Hideki Kamiya. ❌

Zenzuu67d ago

“My work with Platinum Games was based on a relationship of trust with the company. I decided to leave because I felt that the direction the company was heading in was different from my beliefs as a developer. Without that element of trust, I couldn’t continue working there, and so I left, so that I could continue working in what I consider to be the right way.

“I don't think of games as products, but rather as works of art. I want to put my artistry into games and deliver games that could only be made by Hideki Kamiya, so that players can enjoy Hideki Kamiya games exactly as they are. I decided to leave the company and forge my own path, to continue making games that reflect the developers who made them.”


Hideki Kamiya will be leaving PlatinumGames on October 12, 2023

Hideki Kamiya will be leaving PlatinumGames on October 12, 2023.

-Mika-149d ago

Phil better have that check ready. Hideki expertise and knowledge would be a great asset to the Xbox team and can possibly bring growth in the Asia region.

VersusDMC149d ago

Phil already canceled a Kamiya game(Scalebound) so we know he doesn't have the check ready. And that check couldn't keep Shinji Mikami there either...but maybe?

CrimsonWing69149d ago

I’m still bitter about that cancellation. Even if it was in dev hell he could’ve given it to an internal studio.

Obscure_Observer149d ago


"I’m still bitter about that cancellation. Even if it was in dev hell he could’ve given it to an internal studio."

Are you crazy???

That would be extremely disrespectful!

Michiel1989148d ago

@obscure as if one of ms's own studios would know how to get the game out the door in a great way. Remember what happened when they did that with Duke Nukem Forever?

20nmrtnz149d ago

Tencent and Netease around the corner: Bonjour!

AdonisIsBeast148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Was the 69 billion dollar acquisition plus 8 billion for Zenimax not enough lol?

-Foxtrot149d ago

How sudden, I wonder what changed.

Maybe after the certain story choices and direction for Bayonetta 3 they can hopefully make it more like the first two games.

justsomeoffdude149d ago

i've always felt platinum games lack of growth/failures can be traced back to kamiya. He seems like a very troublesome person to work with

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