Bayonetta's Original Voice Actor Disputes Claims, Says She Only Asked For 'A Fair, Living Wage'

Hellena Taylor has issued a statement addressing people 'calling me a liar and golddigger'

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SullysCigar148d ago

Bored of both sagas now. This disagreement AND the game series. Something fresh, please.

TheProfessional148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

But if it was on playstation....

RoseSapphire148d ago

No lies found.

If it were on Playstation, Xbox, and PC I would be 100% more interested than I currently am. I feel like this series is wasted on the Switch.

antikbaka148d ago

it was and it failed to be doomed unless it had been saved by nintendo

SullysCigar147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Well, if it was on PlayStation, you wouldn't have a problem with my view....

Sure, it would look better, sound better, control better, load better, but it would still be a dated game.

Bayonetta basically aped DMC for the first game, which was great at the time, so i was all for it. DMC moved on, but Bayonetta didn't.

Stellar Blade looks like what the next Bayonetta should be. All the audio-visual progress we should expect, but also greater depth and just a sense that this isn't a relic from the past, but an up-to-date, new game.

I'm fine with retro games, but you have to let a once-cherished IP flourish and grow. GOW is a good example of that when you look at each game.

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HollowIchigo25148d ago

how many people have had job offers but didn't like the pay and said no thank you? especially if you work as a freelancer. It happens. she didn't like what they offered, she rejected, move on end of story.

smashman98148d ago

except that wasn't the end of the story

She turned around and mislead the entire internet in an attempt to garner hate for both Jennifer Hale and Platinum. She started the drama and now regrets doing so. The drama won't end until the clicks dry up.

Abriael148d ago

Notice how Kotaku is intentionally distorting the story here. The reality of the issue is that that she admitted that she basically lied (while still somehow doubling down on her stance), not that she "disputed claims."

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anubusgold148d ago

They paid Jennifer Hale far more than 4 thousand dollars they just wanted to fire her and didnt want the hate they would get from it.

smashman98148d ago

@anubusgold there is a possibility that theory is correct. I would have preferred a game featuring the original voice actress. My comment is only in response to the idea the Hellena Taylor simply "didn't like what they offered" and simply "rejected" said offer.

CorndogBurglar147d ago


She did dispute claims. Did you read the article?

"So, I declined to voice the game. I then heard nothing from them for 11 months. They then offered me a flat fee to voice some lines for 4,000 dollars. Any other lies, such as 4,000 for 5 sessions are total fabrications."

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Imalwaysright148d ago

Exactly. Some people were in an uproar over this and I didn't understand why.

kayoss148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

They low balled her.
It’s like you get a job offer and you were expecting at least 100k but they offered you 65k knowing you have a lot of experience. That’s a slap on the face.

ChubbyBlade148d ago

She was being offered $4000 per session for 3 sessions. Thats hardly chump change.

148d ago
Angyobangyo148d ago

No she wasn't. She wanted six figures plus residuals from game sales. She was asking far too much. She put her offer on the table, Platinum decided they didn't like that offer and moved on. You fell for her deception. See how she changed her tune. She came out swinging saying the was offer ONLY $4000. Then it comes out from inside sources that it was $4000 per session which would have netted her between $15K - $20K. She is going to have a really hard time finding VA work from now on by breaking the NDA and maliciously misleading the public to boycott the game. At this point she better hopes she doesn't get sued. This has backfired spectacularly for her.

onisama148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

i dont think any studio will want to take her in because she went public and asking fans to not buy the game......even a studio that my offer her 6000$ or 10000$ maybe affraid to offer her and contract and she may go to social media again....i think she ended her career she shouldve just say no....while i understand she want a raise but going to social media was wrong for her own sake

CobraKai148d ago

And she may have breached an NDA which will really raise red flags if her name pops up. Seeing that she has very little credits to her name, this will definitely make getting another gig that much harder as she’s not worth the trouble.

onisama148d ago

i dont know what she was thinking this is the problem with social media just one moment of frustration or anger can ruin your life or get you into jail in no time...feeling bad for her tho we are only human

jznrpg148d ago

She didn’t get hired and sign a contract I doubt she broke NDA as she probably never signed one for this game .

CobraKai148d ago

I just looked it up and she said she is breaking NDA on her Twitter rant.

I also read that apparently PG was paying her 4K per 5 hour session. I dunno if that’s accurate or not, but that sounds reasonable.

Imalwaysright148d ago


She was thinking that she could manipulate people to hurt and denigrate Platinum Games by playing the victim because she knows that the cult of victimhood is unfortunately social currency in this day and age and she almost succeeded. She knew what she was doing and that's why I for one don't have any sympathy for her whatsoever and I would find it rather amusing if Platinum Games has grounds to sue her.

CobraKai148d ago


What’s unfortunate too is we’ll never really hear the other side due to NDAs. It’ll villainize PG and, to an extent, J. Hale.

I don’t believe Taylor and what really makes me question Taylor is Hale. Hale who is a very seasoned union actress, with several hundred more roles than Taylor, accepted the role, which means there is something Taylor is hiding

Platinum Games will have my support and I will be buying Bayonetta 3.

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curtain_swoosh148d ago

she was offered up to 20kz i think thats more than a fair living wage for a job over that period of time lol.

but i agree. she dug her hole

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