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cochise3133732d ago

I love this article. I am one of the gamers who often take a break from the ps3 and 360 to play Genesis, snes, dreamcast, etc.

LimeyOtoko3732d ago

Yay for article love! It just felt like something I had to write. :)

Squatch833732d ago

I have to say, YES. They are afraid of fun. All they want these days is Graphics. Its sad really, people that claim to be real gamers and yet they dont care about what makes a game a game: GAMEPLAY.

Squatch833732d ago

'Surely judging a piece of entertainment as childish, a piece of interactive entertainment you’ve only watched be played, never been challenged by yourself and don’t even know the name of is more childish than the actual piece of entertainment.'

This is a comment i agree with. I love games like Mario Kart and Mario, well Nintendo in general... and you get these other people that say its childish and other such things, but im having fun playing my games and i cant say that they are.

Venox20083732d ago

playing these type of games is great.. genesis, SNES ..if not gamecube & Wii I would still playing FPS'es and other boring things :) Nintendo knows how to entertain people.. :) ..and I don't give a s**t what people are thinking about games that I play.. Mario, Metroid, zelda, warioware, rhythm heaven, fatal frame FTW!!!

LimeyOtoko3732d ago

I think Sony keeps a nice balance between the two, but yeah. Nintendo also have a great bunch of the games this article talks about.

ghostwriter3732d ago

Its really unfortunate that they are so many closed minded people in the world. Good stuff!

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