Let's PLAY: Gameloft Talks Xperia, Android and Real Buttons

With the Xperia PLAY launching today in the UK, and soon in the US, French publisher Gameloft has revealed its extensive line-up for the platform. Ten launch games, including several pre-loaded on the phone, make Gameloft the biggest PLAY publisher at the moment, so, to find out about why they are investing so heavily in the PLAY, what they think of the device, and what their future plans are, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted to Callum Rowley, Digital Marketing and Community Manager for Gameloft UK.

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Sev4382d ago

Great interview. Sounds like the Xperia PLAY is off to a great start with its software. Let's hope it gets proper support and sales to keep it going.

doctorstrange4382d ago

And the lack of buttons hold them back... until now.

BigPete79784382d ago

I agree, I have enjoyed a lot of their titles on my iPhone, but am definitely looking forward to what they can do with actual buttons for controls.

ftwrthtx4382d ago

Great interview. The key to the phone's success will be the software and game choices.

If the phone had an actual keyboard, I'd buy it. My fingers don't work well with touch screen keyboards.

doctorstrange4382d ago

So a sliding keyboard on top of the sliding gamepad? That would be one fat phone

ftwrthtx4382d ago

I was discussing it with the reps on the floor at gdc. It wouldn't be too much fatter.

Sev4382d ago

Might as well have a knife, file and screwdriver slide out too. Oh and a USB thumb drive.

Make this bitch a real swiss army phone thingy.

ftwrthtx4382d ago

You've seen my fingers. I just need a real keyboard. I already have the knife in my pocket. LOL

joinsideke4382d ago

As much as I want to love this device, I just can't. It looks so clunky and unfinished... and the line up it's PSN friendly.... plus trophies were probably the one thing I was banking on, but nope!

Stealth20k4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

According to many reviews the xperia is already a flop and analysts believe it to be a failure already. But who knows.

And there comments on dedicated systems are idiotic. Maybe they cant keep up with tech, But thats irrelevant in terms of games
And what has gameloft done aside from making shovelware? And why are these mobile developers getting articles now? Oh I get it. They are so insecure about the shit they put out they have to badmouth dedicated devices any chance they get.

@ below
My issue is more with gameloft. And less with the product

@ even further below
no they arent. There games will be pssuite enabled which are basically psp2 comaptible minis

Greentea4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Reviews don't make a product. The software does so take your negativity somewhere else. Wow lol people now a days just label something that's it there done with it. How bout you buy it and see if there reviews is on point.

doctorstrange4382d ago

Are also developing for the NGP

ftwrthtx4382d ago

Android based games will also work on the NGP.

plb4382d ago

Have gameloft developed anything original? All titles I've seen are knock offs of popular games.