Vivendi Wants Ubisoft; Ubisoft Plays Hard to Get

The ongoing battle between massive media conglomerate Vivendi and gaming powerhouse Ubisoft continues with a small victory for Ubisoft.

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PhoenixUp2828d ago

I forgot Vivendi was still a thing

ShowanW2828d ago

Vivendi is still a thing and they are trying to hunt Ubisoft down.

I don't blame Ubi... Vivendi would buy them and then stifle them...

Vivendi is stalking Ubisoft like a creeper in the bushes...

I'm actually shocked that Ubi has been able to fight them off for this long, Vivendi got more than enough $$$ to buy the majority share of Ubisoft...

C-H-E-F2828d ago

The thing is Ubisoft has been giving their current investors incentives to not sell to vivendi, but it looks like they may be offering their investors more than Ubisoft can give... when that happen they will end up buying atleast 51% and owning Ubisoft... that really sucks... I own my own company and I will never go "corp" nope... cause as soon as you do, anyone can "steal" your company man... this is a real dog eat dogs world smh

Princess_Pilfer2828d ago

Stifle the company that's released roughly 10 million versions of the same AC game? Stifle the company that won't any of it's creators be actually creative, so they have to badger them for years to get to make another rayman or Might and Magic?

Somehow, I'm not worried that Ubisoft will be stifled. Nobody at Ubisoft who wants to do anything actually creative gets a decent budget to begin with.

gtxgamer22828d ago

If vivendi acquires Ubisoft, then their doomed.

XXanderXX2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Vivendi just needs to piss off , plus they can't be a good fit for anybody if their former Gaming/publishing(Activision ) studio had to buy its way away from them.

opinionated2828d ago

No really means yes. Sometimes you have to TAKE your prize.

Gamist2dot02828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Oh gawd, reminds of a girl i once dated: she looks good on the surface and played hard to get (makeup, tight skirt), but when i got to date her, she was narcissistic and wasn't fun to be with...just like Ubisoft and their CGI trailers for their games.. :/

2828d ago
WoshJills2827d ago

I had the same experience dating a hot narcissist. But Ubisoft isn't that. They are making For Honor, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and Beyond Good and Evil 2. I'm in love with Rainbow Six: Siege right now, and many people enjoyed Far Cry 4. That's not including stuff like Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, or Assassin's Creed. They're a great company inside and out. (I'll admit, sometimes they wear makeup to look more cute by showing trailers in Ultra Graphics on PC.)

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War Thunder Devs Apologize for Using Challenger Explosion in Key Art

Gaijin Entertainment, developer of military sim War Thunder, has apologized for using a shot of the Challenger explosion in its promotional artwork.

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romulus2313h ago

Things like losing "context" tend to happen when you create your artwork using A.I.

mastershredder12h ago

The slimiest profit mongers of all time are Gaijin. Surprised? Not at all. The apology is about a sincere are their standard asking price. Do it for the least amount (no regard for quality) and sell it for the most profit = Gaijin.


Star Wars: Hunters Review | GamingonPhone

Vince Zyle writes "Star Wars Hunters is a really fun game! It’s not as good as other Star Wars games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 but coming from a developer like Zynga who worked on very underwhelming and low-quality titles before, this is a major upgrade.

There’s not much objectively wrong with the game aside from the work needed to make visuals smoother during animations. That’s one of the biggest issues at present alongside frame drops that occur from time to time when there’s too much going on which isn’t too bad but certainly noticeable.

In conclusion, Star Wars Hunters is a game for arena shooter fans who are looking for an action-filled game. Some of the other issues will hopefully be ironed out with future updates."

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Project CARS 3 could have been called Project CARS Sideways

Slightly Mad Studios founder and former CEO Ian Bell has disclosed that the maligned Project CARS 3 could have had a different name, which could have more clearly signposted the game’s intent.

TallDarknWavy3h ago

This game was criminally reviewed by every loser on the Internet who was bitter and angry that this wasn't a complete simulation nor a complete arcade racing game, it was so well designed and the driving model was so much fun, much like drive club but slightly more sim if you wanted to adjust The settings and also slightly more arcade if you want to adjust those settings. One of the most fun games I've played in years. "Reviewers" just couldn't get this game a fair shake and had to badmouth it unfairly because they're too bitter and angry from still not getting laid.