Clive Barker's Jericho Xbox 360 Updated Hands-On

Clive Barker--you might remember him from such films as Hellraiser, Candyman, and Nightbreed. But in addition to his movie and licensed toy lines with Todd McFarlane, Barker has also turned his hand to videogames. While his 2001 partnership with EA on title Undying was well-received landing 9.1 and an Editor's Choice award on GameSpot, Demonik, a videogame project in development to be launched alongside a feature film of the same name was canned in 2005. Fast-forward a year and Clive was back on the horse, announcing a partnership with Codemasters to develop Jericho, a next-generation horror-themed first-person tactical shooter.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4959d ago

I loved the demo I will buy 100%.

MK_Red4959d ago

Glad to hear you liked the demo. Everyone was bashing the demo and graphics but GameSpot says it looks as good as a great Unreal Engine 3 powered game and it's from Clive Barker. I didn't get the demo because Jericho is a must have for me, no proof needed.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4959d ago

The only disappointment I have is no Multiplayer. You know how much cool will it be if you make your own character and MP will have Magic also (Balanced of Course)

RadientFlux4958d ago


I'm the same if it has Clive Barkers name on it I will buy it. Clive Barker is one of my favorite authors. I was hoping for something like Undying but the tactical elements sort of makes up for it.

MK_Red4958d ago

RadientFlux, I don't know what to say. I'm a big Clive Barker fan too and I was also expecting a game more like Undying. Still, Jericho is a must have.

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kewlkat0074958d ago

darkish/gritty look to it, I still can't describe the exact words.

I played the demo and thought it was sweet.

RealityCheck4958d ago

I thought the demo was pretty good and it showed that this game might be worth playing. I liked the squad element and how you could both direct your allies or become them. That reminds me of the old Xbox game Brute Force. Just like Brute Force back then, this game's biggest challenge is going to be to get noticed among a crowd of more hyped games.

Eclipticus4954d ago

the only thing i was dissapointed with is it was too shiny. and i wasnt scared. I think i was expecting something like Fear or silent hill. atmosphere. There was a little bit, but i definatly enjoy the teamwork invovled. Still i am gonna pick it up.